Seeking Parent Help & Participation

Tonight's Open House (3:30-7:30)

Spreading Kindness & Encouragement

To the parents of our 7th graders - I am seeking your help at tonight's Open House (for a few extra minutes). Please and thank you, in advance!

Pictured below is the start of our bulletin board in front of the 7th grade pod. I need your help to finish it...

To help show kindness and encourage our 7th graders and all students and staff that pass by this hallway throughout the year, I was hoping you could help by writing a positive note on "confetti" paper for all to read; in hopes to make someone's day. As examples, this could be a picture, one word of inspiration, or your favorite saying to your child when trying to cheer them up. There will be lots of different colors, sizes and styles of confetti paper to choose from at a table in front of the 7th grade pod (where you will pick up your child's schedule).

After tonight, I will post your words of kindness on the bulletin board and use to fill the wall to help boost confidence, joy, and motivation in our school.

Big picture

Thank you for making a difference! - Mrs. Lundgren