conductors or insulator?

Sabila R.


Big D battery, wire, toothpick, penny, soda can, small light bulbs


is that will the penny be good conductor for my circuit?


paper clip will be a good conductor!

Because the paper clip is made out of some kind of material tat can make my light bulb light up.


my hypothesis is correct because after my experience I saw that the paper clip was a conductor.

Independent variable

what I'm going to do is change the tooth pick to a penny because in my graph I will see either the penny might or might not be a conductor.

dependent variable

what I'm measuring is that how many conductors I have in my chart while I'm doing my experiment.

controlled variable

is how many conductors I had in my experiment.


step our battery in holder and d the same thing with your light bulb, step 2, after that place you wire somewhere underneath the battery and towards the light bulb and your other materials. step 3, after all that see that if your light bulb lights up without just using the battery and the light bulb itself.

key words to research! and Notes

conductors and insulators

research notes: conductors and insulator are something that can involve to transfer heat , sound , light or electrical charge.

-electrical changes can easily move under the influence of elictical forces.

-if a power line has fallen on a tree and you touch the tree you have become an a conductor to the ground.


my results were that when I looked at my recording sheet I saw that all my conductors have worked and of course the insulators did not work at all!