Preschool Press

March 2023

Welcome to the Preschool Press, a monthly e-newsletter for parents and guardians of students at Terrace Early Learning Center. Our goal is to keep you informed of the news and information you need in order to be involved and engaged in your student's education.


Dear Terrace Families,

In school, March always begins with the big question, “Did it come in like a lion or a lamb?” I am hoping it comes in like a lion so we can anticipate less snow and warmer temperatures as we look to the end of March. Let’s put another Iowa winter behind us!

We have a baby update to share as our Terrace family has grown. One of our teachers, Ms. Kaitlin Riley, said hello to her new baby girl, Reagan Rose. We all want to congratulate Kaitlin. We are so happy for her and her family. Reagan is beautiful!

Thank you to all our parents and students that attended our February Parent-Teacher Conferences. It is always such a positive time for teachers to talk about all the hard work and fun memories that are happening at Terrace with our students. We enjoy working with your child (ren) and love sharing and connecting with parents.

Also, thank you to our PTO and Terrace parents for supporting our teachers during conferences with some delicious food. The Terrace staff loved having a place to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal. PTO - We appreciate you! Terrace parents – We appreciate you!

Many times, I am asked by parents, "What can I do at home to help my child be successful at school?" My answer is quite simple, "Read with your child every day." Before, during, and after the reading, praise your child, direct a discussion about the story, ask questions, visualize the story, offer information, share personal reactions, and relate the story to life experiences. Most of all enjoy the story together and let your child see that reading is fun. Cherish this special “lap time” together!

Reminder that Spring Break is in the month of March. Students will not have school from March 10- March 17.

Enjoy your month as we look ahead with anticipation of Spring on March 20 and the warmer temperatures ahead!! I love Spring!!


Yours in Education,

Sheila Schmidt



Recommendations for caring for a child with a common cold:

stuffy nose:

-saline nasal spray or drops, use 1-2 drops in each nostril.

-humidifier, this will help moisten the air and can help clear nasal passages.


-honey, never give to babies under 1 year old; children 1-5 years old, try 1/2 tsp

-mentholated rubs, for children 2 years and older, rub on chest and front of neck


-make sure they drink enough fluids to stay hydrated

-over-the-counter medications (check with your child's healthcare provider before administering for the first time)

  • ibuprofen (motrin, advil)- can be given to children 6 months and older.
  • acetaminophen (tylenol)

also check with your child's healthcare provider to confirm dosage of over-the-counter medications


The February Coin Battle made $1,322.32! Miss Ashley's AM Class and Miss Michelle's PM Class won! We will be doing a BALLOON Party on Friday!

The Book Fair has been a success!! Thanks for supporting Terrace!

We have an ART Fundraiser coming up! We have been busy making our art! Square 1 Art will put your child's art on an item of your choosing! It is a great idea for all kinds of gift giving and Terrace receives 20% of the proceeds! Check out the flyer here!

Spring BINGO will be April 11th from 6-7!

Fun Run coming!

Thanks to all parents and guardians at Terrace for supporting both the PTO and the Teachers at Terrace!


With the changing weather, please remember to send your student to school with appropriate clothing. While we don't have an outdoor playground available to use, teachers may take their class outside for a walk or to do a fun activity right outside their classroom. It is also a good idea to have an extra set of clothing in your students backpack in case of an accident or spill.


If your student will be gone for any reason, please contact the teacher and the front office. You can also send an email to or leave a message at 515-965-9670.

If the school is not notified of an absence, the parent/guardian will be called by the secretary. If we do not hear from you, your student's absence will be marked unexcused in Infinite Campus.


If you recently moved or are planning on moving, please let us know! To update your change of address with the school district, please complete and submit this form along with a proof of residency. Please do so in a timely manner so you do not miss out on any informational mailings that the school and/or district may send.

To update other demographic information such as phone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts etc., please login to Infinite Campus and update that information through the parent portal.


If you have not registered your student for kindergarten yet, please complete the online registration form found on the ACSD enrollment website.
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The information distributed in the Virtual Backpack (vBackpack) is provided as a community service to inform members of the community of available activities or services. The majority of information included in the vBackpack is from community organizations. The vBackpack can be found here on the district's website.


Feb. 27- March 3- Parent Teacher Conferences

3- Art work due for PTO Fundraiser

10-19- Spring Break

23- Fire Drill

31- Tornado Drill

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