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Norfolk Jr.Hight

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Nursery rhyme

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the king’s horses and all of his men tried to put Humpty together again. Once they succeeded. Humpty swore never to go on another wall unless it is important. One day a young friend of Humpty was playing by the wall with a kite. It got stuck on the wall, so the young man went up the wall and he fell, but Humpty was under him. Everyone chose to destroy the wall for everyone's safety.

feature story information

It started with a man and his son, this man was given super strength by an alien device called a centipede. A building exploded, so the man went to help, but before he went in, he pulled up his hood and came back out with a hurt woman. When he landed, a teenaged girl got a look at his face. The teenager told the man, Shield would be after him, but really they were after her because she is part of a group call the Rising Tide and a very good hacker. Shield found her, took her to The Bus, interrogated her, gave her the information that she needed, and became part of the team. Because of the centipede, the man was very close to exploding, but Shield was able to knock him out and get the centipede off him. Shield gave him a second chance, so they sent him to the academy to train and learn how to use his powers. They get to know each other, then someone betrayed the other. An agent of a high level was part of an evil group called Hydra, and they destroyed Shield to pieces. One of the team members joins Hydra and broke prisoners from the freezer. The team was trying to rebuild SHIELD and even get new members along the way.

Movie review

When a boy named Zach and his mom move from a big city to a small town, he is upset about it, but the upside there was a pretty girl named Hannah next door, but her dad didn't want her anywhere near Zach. When Zach goes to school, he goes with his mom because she's the new vice principal and there is an assembly where they introduce his mom, and he meets this kid named Champ. When school is over and done, he takes out the trash. Hannah sneaks up behind him, and scares him. She told him to follow her to an old fair ground where they climbed up the ferris wheel. When they get back, Hannah’s dad is there and she gets grounded and tells Zach one last time to stay away from her. A day has gone by, and he hears someone scream in Hannah’s house and calls Champ to help him. They sneak into the the house through the back, and find a bookshelf filled with Goosebumps manuscripts. They accidentally let the abominable snowman out and Hannah’s dad appears and saves them and is revealed to be R.L. Stine.

Favorite video game

My favorite game is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare because it has action, adventure, and sadness.The controls are aim, fire, reload, jump/jump boost, Exo ability, Exo launcher, switch weapon, crouch/slide/prone, melee, sprint/dodge/hold breath. I think the storyline of the game

is fantastic, and you will chose sides, kill to survive, and protect your friends.Everything is in thefuture and the weapons are different and armor is better.