July/ August Tips

Mr. Starr

Active Inspire Basics


Here you will find some quick helps on how to operate your Active Board and Promethean Software. Please feel free to explore this site, bookmark it for future reference, and ask me if you need any help with getting started with your Active Board.

New Teacher Startup Page

Coming soon is our new Teacher Startup Page. This will provide teachers with some quick links to commonly used websites in UCPS. You will also find a trending section which will change to websites that may be of value at a particular time during the year. Please feel free to bookmark trending websites that you find useful.

Teacher Startup Page

UCPS Tech Take Off

Welcome to Union County Public Schools. On this site you will find information on how to get set up to teach here. There is information on Powerschool, GAFE, and other Union County Initiatives that could benefit you to have knowledge about.