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What is an Repetitive Strain Injury?

- caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression, or sustained/awkward positions

- It damages tendons, nerves, muscles, and other body tissues

- caused by excessive uses of technology (computers) and having a poor posture

- some symptoms can include tightness, discomfort, stiffness, soreness,


- tiredness

- aching

- swelling or redness

- fatigue

- weakness

- tenderness in the joints or muscles

- cramps

Stages of injury

Stage 1 (mild)- Pain, tiredness, or weakness during work in the wrists, shoulders, neck, legs and arms that improves overnight and can last for weeks or months (is reversible)

Stage 2 (moderate)- More persistent pain earlier in the work day, may disrupt sleep, swelling in the tendon areas; may last several months

Stage 3 (severe)- Pain, aching, fatigue and weakness are felt when the victim is resting completely, sleep disturbed often, can not be able to perform light tasks around the house or at work, may last months or years, irreversible

Office Exercises


While working, avoid glare in your eyes or visual discomfort by.....

  • tilting the monitor slightly upwards
  • orient the computer so you are facing parallel to the plane of the window
  • apply indirect light when possible
  • use light diffusers, anti-glare screens, and task lighting