News from the Wolf Pack

January 13, 2014

Welcome Back!

It is amazing to me how quickly this year seems to be flying by. I hope that you and your family had a wonderful two weeks off. I am so pleased with how well your students have been performing and am looking forward to the work that is ahead!

Social Media Presence

Our class has a social media presence!

Twitter: @MurphyWolfPack


3rd and 4th Grade DEB (Differentiated Engagement Block)

Tarah Tesmer, Technology Specialist for our district, recently asked to come in and observe our class because of the wonderful things the students are doing. She was so impressed with the discussion, engagement, and critical thinking of the students she thought she was observing the 4th and 5th grade class.

We have spent approximately three weeks creating an ocean documentary. The students were in complete control. They had to begin by brainstorming topics they felt would possibly be included in a documentary of the ocean. They divvied up the topics, did research, and wrote their own script. Every aspect of this project was created by the students with little guidance. I am extremely proud of how it turned out.

To view the documentary, visit the link below. You may have to play with the volume a little bit.


We are now working in our Ratios unit. We finished part one which dealt with finding, describing, simplifying, and graphing ratios. Currently, we are working on unit rates and unit prices. The students seem to really grasp and understand the concepts being taught. These students should be the ultimate comparison shoppers by the end of this unit!

5th and 6th Grade DEB (Differentiated Engagement Block)

Students were asked to create a product that would be relevant for life in 2050. They were then asked to come up with an advertising campaign for their product. Students presented their ideas to the class and fielded questions about their products from their classmates.

We are currently discussing architecture and how it has evolved over time. Students are researching different architects and the impact and contributions they made to their field. Students have many options available as far as how they want to display and convey their findings. I am looking forward to their final products!