Fontaine Flier

February 14, 2014

Thank you So Much for All You Do For Me!

As I drove home Thursday night, I just kept thinking about how lucky I am this year. You all have been so generous and supportive. Thank you so much for the Souper Basket and the wonderful notes. I will cherish those forever. They all brought tears to my eyes. I have so much fun working with your children. They truly do something every day to amaze me. This year is going by way too fast. I wish I could keep this class forever.

We are so excited to have a new student joining us Tuesday-Welcome Adelyn!!!

Important Dates to Remember

Monday, February 17-No School (President's Day)

Tuesday, February 18-PTO meeting

Thursday, February 20- Group Pictures-Spirit squad members wear your Spirit Squad shirts

Saturday, February 22-Skating Party at Skate City 4:30-6:30

New to Our Classroom: Making Thinking Visual based on Project Zero, a program out of Harvard University's College of Education

I love this approach and the amazing things it does to help students think. Recently, we have been working on a strategy called: See, Think, and Wonder. This approach encourages students to stop and take a closer look at things, to make careful observations and then take their thinking one step further. This approach helps stimulate curiosity and sets the stage for deeper inquiry.

A Sad Good-bye

We said good-bye to Elena this week. It was very sad and there were many tears. We plan to write and to Skype often to learn all about her new home in Arizona. I want to thank Mrs. Trachsel and Mrs. Williams for helping me throw a last minute going away party. I also want to thank Mrs. Semrau for taking all the pictures of the students for Elena's book. You ladies help make that a very special day for Elena-Thank you!!!

On to Our Next Teaming with Technology Adventure!

Our story this week will actually lead us into our next technology project. We will be incorporating reading, writing and art. Students will be learning how to write a narrative piece. They will be creating a piece entitled: The Greatest Homework Excuse Ever. Students will be using this piece of writing to create a short animated film. They will be using their writing, their reading, and their illustration skills. We will be working on the writing part before spring break and hope to start back up with the ONW students on the animation part after we return.

Coming Up Next Week...

Reading-We will be learning about the fantasy genre by reading How I Spent My Summer Vacation in our Harcourt books. Skills we will be focusing on during shared reading and guided reading: sequencing, identifying real vs. make believe, making inferences, and how to decode words with suffixes.

Spelling-adding -ly and -ing

We will be learning the rules that go along with this spelling pattern this week. This is a difficult list. If your child picked the challenge list and would like to drop to the regular list, that is fine. We did not have time for a pretest on Wednesday so several students were given their lists during conferences. If you did not get a list, I will attach them to the e-mail.

Writing-In conjunction with our shared reading story, we will be learning how to write a narrative piece. We will be also focusing on the six writing traits: ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, and conventions. We will spend some time this week working on how to write a good lead and how to "paint a word picture" in order to prepare us for the homework excuse piece.

Science-We will be learning about fossils this week and will be doing a science experiment involving the extraction of iron out of Cheerios and oatmeal using magnets.

Math-We will be starting Topic 11-Addition and Subtraction with Three Digit Numbers. This week we will be focusing on just adding three digit numbers. There will be quiz on Friday over what we have learned so far. I will grade those and send them home on Friday.

Reading with Google Voice

Thank you so much for helping your child read into Google Voice. It was so awesome to have time to sit down and listen to each of them read. If provided me with some great information and ideas on what to work on during guided reading.

Each week, I would like students to read into Google Voice (913) 732-0202. If they could say their name and the book they will be reading before they start, that would be super helpful! Thank you so much!!!

That's A Wrap!

I hope you all enjoyed our Kindness Boomerang video as much as we did! I am so proud of them! I see an Oscar in their future! If you want to watch the video again, you can find it on our weebly- I cannot wait to start our next project!! Stay tuned! A great big, special thanks to the ONW E-Communication students, to Anna-Lynn Morris for all her help and support, and to her baby Mac for being so patient while we edited the video!

Thank you so much for all your support with the Olathe Foundation's Major Saver Card Campaign!

A Huge Thank You For Planning Such a Fun and Creative Valentine's Day Party!

I just want to thank everyone that was involved with the Valentine's Party! The students had such a great time!

Specials Schedule




Friday-Library/Spanish and Genius Hour

Spelling This Week- Adding Suffixes -ly and -ing

A very tricky list this week! We will be working on this in class as well. (In fact I made up a song and dance to go with it. I will try and video tape it and put it on the Weebly so students can practice at home.)

Here are the rules:

When adding -ly, you do not have to change the word-just add the suffix -ly

(complete becomes completely)

When adding -ing. If the word has a short vowel and then one consonant (we call it svc)

then they will double the consonant and then add -ing. (swim becomes swimming)

If the word has a short vowel and more then one consonant, (svcc) then just add the -ing.

If the word has a long vowel sound and ends with an e, then drop the e and add -ing. (freeze becomes freezing) Otherwise, just add -ing. (eat becomes eating)

Anyone confused yet?