Hope Havens Juffer Classroom

September 2015

Quarter 1

Wow- We can't believe 1st quarter is almost over- what a quick 9 weeks! Our classroom has grown in knowledge, behavior, technology, and organization so we want to share this positive growth with you. This unique classroom is quickly becoming a close community of leaders in many areas.

Reading News

We have been working on reading stamina. At the beginning of the year we were only able to all read for 45 seconds without being distracted. We are now reading for 19 uninterrupted minutes during reading workshop! Building this stamina helps readers become thinkers!

All students are benchmarked now and 80% of our classroom students are reading above grade level! Students should be at a Fountas and Pinnell level S as an incoming fifth grader and leave at a level V. Students are working on literal and critical comprehension of fiction and non-fiction texts. Students were introduced to all the comprehension strategies that help keep their heads in the text! We are working on helping students develop and expand those comprehension strategies.

Math News

Math tests- Our classroom scored higher on average than the other 5th grade Math classes.

Unit 1- Havens/Hope/Juffer: 78% on average ; Other two classes scored 69%.

Unit 2- Havens/Hope/Juffer: 81% on average; Other two classes scored 70%.

Math facts- 88% of students have shown improvement in their math facts just within the 1st quarter!


Co-teaching Models - instructional methods we use:

Parallel Teaching

Class is broken into 3 groups. Each teacher takes a group and teaches the same lesson simultaneously

Station Teaching

Class is divided into 3 groups. Each teacher leads his or her own lesson and students rotate to receive each lesson

Speak and Chart

One teacher teaches and the other teachers add and expand with questions, rephrasing and recording key information visually

One teach, Others Assist

One teacher leads the instruction while the other teachers circulate the room and provide assistance to students as needed.

Alternative Teaching

One teacher delivers instruction to the whole class while the other teachers work in small groups to provide reteaching and reteaching.

21st Century Learners

Since we are lucky enough to have 3 teachers in the classroom we prefer to work in small groups and move around the room. Students are often paired up with other students or in small group settings.

We typically run a workshop model for all subjects. What does this mean?... It means that we are able to use a variety of teaching methods listed above. We may begin lessons with a short 10-15 mini lesson then we break out into groups. This enables all three teachers to work with students on specific skill deficits as well as work with students that need advanced lessons and instruction. After all, all students do not need the same 45 minute lesson. Our goal is more targeted instruction, increased differentiated instruction, and flexible groupings. All students benefit from appropriately challenged lessons.

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