North American Natives

By: Kaitlyn Nardi


The Anasazi tribe was very active. They did a lot of construction. They created canals, dams, and ditches to trap rain from tops of buildings to flow down to the gardens they had (also used for drinking water during the droughts). From Pueblo Bonito( a place were more than 1000 people lived in a massive complex) they built roads for trading networks. That helped with the food, water, and goods they needed to survive.The droughts possible made the Anasazi tribe move.


The Adena tribe was mostly known as the Eastern Woodlands people. They lived in Ohio valley ware they grew squash, sunflowers,gourds, and barley. They also made burial mounds made of log structures that were covered with piles of dirt. The Adena tribe made exquisite copper jewelry and amazing pottery( we use some today still).


The Hopewell tribe is known as the Eastern Woodlands like the Adena tribe. They also lived in Ohio, but they arived around 300 BC( Adena came around 700 BC). They built mounds that were sometimes over 40 feet high and over 90 feet wide. There was some artifacts that were found and suggest extensive TRADE network. Both Adena and Hopewell were refured as the "Mound Builders" because of there amazing, HUGE mounds.


The Mississippians arrived in... well, Mississippi valley in 800 AD. They were very popular because there population got so big that they needed more land to fit everybody in! They had plants that were used for many, many, many, different types of food. Because of the MANY types of food, when they added maize's and beans they had no more room for more people.There was up to 10,000 people living with the Mississippians . The thing that you can see in ALLL the tribes is that they all built mounds. The Mississippians built One HUGE mound and added 120 smaller ones around it.