Ms. Freeman's English Class

September 11, 2015

Thank-you Soldiers & Veterans!

On this memorable day, I want to extend a personal thank-you to all of our Schimelpfenig community soldiers, veterans, and their families. It is what you do on the battlefield that allows me to do my job in the classroom. We are a blessed nation to have the freedom to live, work, worship, and be educated in a safe community.

Tuesday Open House was great! The synergy that is created when parents and teachers team up to educate young minds is exciting! I look forward to continuing to work with you to stretch the minds and abilities of these young readers and writers.

What we are studying...

Expository, expository, expository! Students are learning to read and write informational texts. Students need to use their nonfiction reading skills on tests through school and of course in life (daily news, how to program the remote control, and why your favorite team just got disqualified from the finals). Students will also have to write an expository essay on their 7th grade writing STAAR. Students are learning this skill step by step from the hook to the conclusion!

Enduring Understandings

Facts and opinions are equally valued in expository writing.

The best ideas are the ones that can be supported.

Good writers don’t need teachers; they need good writing.

Learning Targets

§ Analyze published essays to determine effective structures and features.

§ Contribute to small and whole group discussions.

§ Determine topics for writing.

§ Develop a thesis statement or controlling idea.

Essential Questions

What is an expository essay?

What will make my readers happy?

What can I write about?

How do I learn to write well without a teacher present?

Concepts Important to Know and Understand

Imagery, Reading Processes, Language Study, Rhetorical Characteristics, Interpretations & Supporting Evidence, Genre Studies, Vocabulary Study


7.4/7.7/7.10/7.11, 7.28, 7.15/7.17/7.18

What we are doing...

Expository Essays: Students are finishing their expository essays on Monday. Final essays will be due Tuesday. These may be typed or neatly written on STAAR stationary (provided in class). Students who type their essays over the weekend will get to enjoy a reading day in class Monday.

Expository Projects: Students went to the library this week to select an expository (informational) book. These books have been teacher approved for the upcoming expository project. Students will receive a hard copy of the project instructions in class next week (also included below). The first thing they need to do is to read their book and to take note of important ideas or events that stand out to them. They'll have until September 30th to finish reading their expository text. This book should be read at home and school until completed and can be used for weekly reader responses and weekly vocabulary study.

Every Friday: Each Friday, students should have two new things in their journals. The reader response goes in the writing section. It should be roughly a half page sharing what they are reading. Students were given a book mark with lots of ideas to help with this. Students should also add two new vocabulary words to the vocabulary section of their logs each week. These words should be gleaned from whatever books they are reading that week and should include a definition and an original sentence. This will be an ongoing assignment throughout the school year.

English Expository Project

English Expository Project

  1. Read an expository (informational) text that is teacher approved.

  2. Create a poster board to show what you learned. Include the following:

    1. Title of book, author or publisher

    2. Summary outline on template provided by teacher

    3. One student created graphic source (chart, graph, illustration, map…).

    4. Anything else that shows what makes your book great!

Grading will be based on :

  1. Knowledge: Show the amazing things you learned so that the viewer can learn them too.

  2. Be Neat! Print neatly or type! You may cut and paste some illustrations, but your student created graphic source must be made by you!

Reading due date: 9-30.

Project due date: 10-8.

Google Classroom

Power Point presentations and other materials are available on Google Classroom to support you and your child. To access Google Classroom, go to and use your child's email ( and their unique PISD password. Once arriving at Google Classroom, to access my page, use this code: 9iqc66r.


Tutoring will be available Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00-8:20 AM and 3:30-4:00 PM. Passes are available in class. Students with a failing grade will be required to attend. All others may attend voluntarily.

Allow me to introduce myself...

It has been a pleasure getting to know the wonderful community of Schimelpfenig Middle School. I have taught in many places and without a doubt, Plano ISD has been the most welcoming place I have ever been. I am a native of Ohio, but have had the pleasure of living and teaching in multiple states, grade levels, and subjects. Last year I taught 7th Grade English in Dallas allowing me to study the 7th grade Texas English learning standards.

Outside of school I am the mother of three children. My oldest child is a high school sophomore, my middle child is an eighth grader, and my "baby" is in second grade. We are a very active family with cross country, track, church, and theater. I look forward to watching your children and mine grow throughout this school year.