Franklin, Tennessee

The Weather and Climate

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Currently, it is winter going into spring. Just like it is here in Texas.

High and Low Temperatures

In the week that I tracked the weather the highest temperature was 65 degrees F and the low temperature was 9 degrees F.


For the week that I tracked everyday the wind was blowing north. The wind speed ranged from 8.3 mph to 12 mph.


The highest amount of precipitation that they had was .99 inches on Tuesday. Throughout the rest of the week they had .1 to .5 inches of rain with the exceptions of Thursday and Friday, when it did not rain at all.


The humidity the week I tracked was fairly high. It ranged from 90% to 96%. On Monday it was 94%, Tuesday it was 92%, Wednesday it was 95%, Thursday it was 93%, Friday it was 96%, Saturday it was 90%, and finally on Sunday it was 90%.

Contact Person

The person I contacted that live in Franklin, Tennessee was my Uncle Chris. My uncle and his family have lived in Tennessee for about 12 years. They first lived in Nashville, but them moved to Franklin to be a little bit closer to family.

Weather According to Contact

He said that it was cold, but nothing unusual. He said that it generally cold in Franklin around this time of year and rain & winds are always expected.

Prediction vs. Actual Temperatures

My predictions were very close to the actual temperatures because I know that around this time it is always cold. I did not expect that it would go down to 9 degrees F, but I did predict that it would be in 20's to the 50's which is about where it tended to range.


The climate in Franklin, Tennessee tends to be cold in the winter and warm in the summer. In the winter you can expect rain, sleet, high winds, and snow. In the summer it is common to have warmer temperatures and a thunder/rain storm every once in a while.

Why Does It Have This Climate?

Franklin, Tennessee has this climate because


The latitude of Franklin, Tennessee is 35.9292 degrees N and 86.8575 degrees W.

Equator and Pole Distance

The distance from Franklin, Tennessee to the equator is 3999 kilometers=2485 miles.

Prevailing Winds

The winds blowing into Franklin, Tennessee are southwesterly winds.

What Is It?

Franklin, Tennessee is a small town.

Hurricane Rate

Tennessee does not have hurricanes often. They have only had about 12 and the most recent one was in 2005. It was the Tropical Storm Arlene. Franklin is not prone to hurricanes because it is not close to a coast.

Tornado Rate

The largest tornado to ever occur in Franklin, Tennessee was in 1998. It caused 36 injuries and 3 deaths. The most recent tornado in Franklin was in April 2009 which injured 29 people. Franklin is prone to tornadoes, Tennessee is known as the "Tornado Alley."


There are mountains in Tennessee for specifically, Franklin. The elevation of Franklin, Tennessee is 648 feet. These mountains are not coastal mountains, so the windward and leeward sides are not affected.

Oceans and Lakes

Franklin, Tennessee is not near any ocean or large lake so it is not affected. Therefore, no ocean currents affect this town. It is 436 miles away from the closest beach.

If It Moved?

If Franklin moved to a location closer to the ocean they would have a higher humidity rate and warmer seasons.
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