A long-term EVS project to be held from the 10th of September 2018 until the 19th of August 2019 (11 months).


La Enredadera is an association created and composed by mothers and fathers. It emerges as an experiential learning space in which children and their life processes are respected and accompanied in their natural way to grow and live together.

La Enredadera is formed by a group of families and the teaching staff. The aim of the educational project La Enredadera is carrying out is to accompany the children in their learning process, from a methodology based on respect for different rhythms and interests of each child, to its autonomy and responsible freedom. This project is carried out by a group of people who see the need to find and create spaces where the life is put in the center of focus, where children’s real needs, curiosity, differences and rhythms of development are respected and where children are accompanied in their natural way to grow and live together.

The project carried out by La Enredadera is not based on any specific pedagogical approach, but rather gathers the knowledge coming from different "ways of learning", taking into account that it will be the experience which will guide the way. We follow a methodology inspired by such authors as Maria Montessori and experiences as the Pesta of the Wild.

At the moment in La Enredadera there is a group of 19 families involved (with 24 children) and four accompanying teachers.

The activities are conducted from Monday til Friday from 9:00 to 14:00, following the school calendar.

The principles we follow are:

- Trust in the person as a human being with his/her innate learning ability and curiosity.

- Respect and unconditional love. No judgment.

- The importance of a relaxed environment and contact with nature.

- The non-directivity and responsible freedom.

- Satisfaction of the real needs.

- The collective, mutual support and the assembly as a tool for decision making.

- Fun, pleasure and enjoyment.


“La Enredadera” is located on Puente Tocinos (carril acequia de benetucer, nº15-17, 30006, Puente Tocinos, Murcia), but the activities will be also located in the capital of Murcia, because most of the families (parents and children) with whom the volunteer will work reside in the city. What’s more, some of the activities in coordination with other organizations will be also held in Murcia.

Puente Tocinos has a population of 16,561 inhabitants (NSI 2014) and an extension of 5,335 square kilometers. This Murcian village is located 2.5 kilometers from the city of Murcia. The economic situation of Puente Tocinos reflects similar to the rest of the rural districts that surround Murcia. Agricultural activity maintained a fundamental importance in the past, but currently not any more. The most important economic sectors are the industrial sector and services, between which the largest contingent of assets is distributed.

The local community that the volunteers will carry out their activities in is primarily the children, their parents, the staff and other volunteers of “La Enredadera”, who are involved in this project. The project is based on developing knowledge and experience of the project participants, which are the subject of interest of the educational community of La Enredadera. Its aim is to make education professionals as well as mothers and fathers aware of the need for educational reform both in the educational system and in the family consciousness.


The fact that we are searching for the EVS volunteers participation in our project initially arises from the need to include the English language in the everyday environment of children. The volunteer’s participation would be based on sharing the time with the kindergarten children and accompanying parents in the mornings, getting involved in the dynamics and everyday routines, as well as conducting workshops, games and educational activities.

The activities to be performed by the volunteer will be:

- Support in workshops and educational activities: workshops and leisure activities with children, workshops on maintenance and decoration of educational space with parents, environmental workshops and maintaining the ecological garden with children and parents, music workshops, dance workshops, theater workshops, cooking workshops, games and open space activities, etc;

- Support and participation in the creation of educational materials for children and parents;

- Support in intercultural workshops, as well as performing a specific workshop on the volunteer’s culture and his/her country of origin;

- Support in games workshops as well as undertaking educational and recreational initiatives;

- The volunteer will be offered space to propose his/her own activities or ideas to implement them, whenever they will have a positive impact on the educational project and the beneficiaries;

- Support in promoting EVS activities in the Region of Murcia.

All the activities implemented by the volunteer in “La Enredadera” will be distributed in various areas in which we work with children: Concentration Room, Symbolic Play Room, Arts & Crafts Room, Corner of Music, Corner of Constructions and Puzzles, Library, Assembly and Foreign Environment Room.

From the side of “La Enredadera” we will offer the volunteer the opportunity to get to know our way of relating to the children and our methodology, with all the commitment to share our knowledge, experience, and literature whenever the volunteer will need it or like it.


We are searching for a person who not only enjoys sharing his/her time with children (having some experience in working with children would be one of the main requirements); a person who relates to the children in a respectful way and who has knowledge (or is willing to learn) about the methodologies of Montessori, Wild etc. High level of spoken English would be seen as an advantage.

We would like to find a volunteer who is motivated and interested in what we do, who likes to work especially with the profile of the users that we work with, as we mainly work with children. For us, it is also important that our volunteer has the interest and curiosity in the methodology that we work with and that is in line with our pillars, which are: the recognition and respect of the children’s roots, as well as respect for their individuality and respect for the connection with the Mother Earth. Independence in decisions taking and proactivity are highly welcomed, so the person will have a lot of space for personal development in that field.Sometimes work requires to be autonomic, create activities on your own, so we are looking for the person who is ready to improvise and be flexible during the work.

We would find it interesting if the selected volunteers were dynamic and curious about what the free learning is if they liked working with children respecting their evolutionary processes, emotional states and personal situations.

We will assess positively their ability to work in team, creativity and their loving nature as a part of their personality. Also if the volunteer will have creative talents, such as playing some musical instrument, drawing, theatre background and so on, it will be an advantage.

Regarding the selection process, we will follow all the necessary steps to ensure that the whole procedure is open, transparent and accessible to all the young people who wish to become a volunteer.

For the volunteer selection process we have a mixed selecting group, composed of the members of “La Enredadera” and the members of “Euroaccion” (as a Coordinating Organization) who will support us in this process, contributing with their greater experience in evaluating the applications for EVS.

Regarding the gender of the candidates- we would prefer to have a male volunteer for keeping the gender balance.


The volunteer that participates in our project will live together with other European volunteers in the apartment which is situated in city center and rented by coordinative organization Euroaccion, chosen for this project. Each volunteer will have his own room to provide privacy. Each month Euroaccion (the coordinative organization) will transfer a certain amount of money on a bank account of a volunteer (that will get it when she/he comes to Spain). The deposit corresponds to the pocket money and the money for the food. The amount of money handles the volunteer on its own. The coordinative organization pays each month the rent for the apartment; the volunteers don’t need to worry about it.

The apartment is situated 30 minutes from our school by car. That is why, normally, our volunteer will be picked up by the workers of La Enredadera every working day in his apartment and will be taken to the place where he works. In case that volunteer wants to use the public transport, the coordinative organization covers the costs of the transport each month. There is also one line of bus that is frequent and that takes the volunteer directly from his house to the place of work and vice versa. Our volunteer will also have the option of traveling by bike from home to our office if ho/she prefers this way of transport.

Also, when the volunteer comes to Murcia Euroaccion will give him a SIM card with Spanish mobile number to make him easier to communicate with us, with other volunteers and with other members of local community or people with whom he will establish new relationships outside the working area.

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EVS - European Voluntary Service

As a volunteer the European Voluntary Service allows you to learn through non-formal experiences, improve existing or acquire new skills for your personal, educational or professional development.

The voluntary service covers:

• Your travel expenses from where you live to Murcia and back (return ticket);

• All fees for visa and residence permission;

• Comprehensive insurance (health, accident and liability insurance);

• Free accommodation: a room in an apartment;

• Pocket money in the amount of 120 euros per month;

• Food allowance 150 euros per month;

• Participation in on-arrival and mid-term meeting.

If you are interested in this project, please send us your CV and Motivational Letter to noemi.euroaccion@gmail.com with the subject EVS in LA ENREDADERA.