New York


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This the the Statue of liberty a symbol of freedom in New York and a gift from the French made from copper and colored green from the oxidizing of the copper.

History and Culture

New York became a state July 26, 1788. New York was the place of many battles in The Revolutionary War including The Battle of Saratoga arguably the most decisive battle in the war was fought in New York. New York became a Melting Pot of different cultures from other countries escaping their oppressing lives finding haven in New York. It is home to New York City. The people in New York City keep to themselves for the most part but many street performers will be very friendly and they dress up in costumes. And for the more country areas of the state the people are very friendly and see it as impolite to talk about religion unlike the people in the city. Catholics make up the main religion of New York.

Subculture New York City Chinatown

New York City is a place where many cultures gather and mix and they have made their own form of culture including bits and pieces of each other but the main part being whatever they had originally. Like Chinatown will have mostly Chinese culture but will still have american influence and other cultures of people that have moved there. One of the most spoken second languages of New York City is Mandarin Chinese.
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Chinatown New York City

This is a picture of a part of the Chinatown district in New York City

Weather and Geography

The best time to visit New York is in May or October or anytime in between because it is for the most part warm and sunny. But if you like the snow, go to Buffalo, because of the lake effect of Lake Erie they get more snowfall than Anchorage in Alaska. When packing you should bring some warm clothes and also some cooler weather clothes depending on where you are going and to be prepared for rain and things of that nature. The geography of New York is very diverse with lakes, mountains, oceans and big cities so whatever you want to see, you can see in New York.

Places to see on your trip

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Times Square here is a link to their site. The address is
Manhattan, NY 10036. New York city is the most popular area of the state. and within New York City is Times Square the main area and most well known area in New York City.

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Broadway is where you go to see all the live performances of musicals and plays. The address is New York, NY 10019 and to get a hold of the Broadway league to talk to them and get more info. call at (212) 761-1122. The average cost of a ticket to a Broadway show is around 100 dollars.
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Catskill Mountains

The Catskill region is 4 different counties including Delaware, Sullivan, Ulster and Greene. You can go there to climb mountains, hike, or just relax.

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New York State Mueseum

The State Museum is the place to go to get all of your history of the state. Located at 260 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12230. Admission is free but donations are accepted. The front desk number is 518-474-5877.

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Ground Zero

You can go see for yourself what has come of the ground where the twin towers once stood. Tours start from $69.99.