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Newsletter - April 7th, 2016

Number 16
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Sunday's Gospel reading is another resurrection narrative from John's Gospel, full of interesting images, dialogue, and details. One of the story's most lasting images is the excitement of Peter, who is so overjoyed to see the Lord standing on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias (another name for the Sea of Galilee) that he leaps from his boat and swims to Jesus, too impatient to wait for the boat!

Peter is always a dynamic presence. As the spokesman for the twelve disciples, he is quick to speak and bold in his words. As a fisherman, he is physically active (notice that in this story, he drags the bursting net ashore himself). And in his love for Jesus, Peter's heart is always fully engaged. We see this dynamic love displayed in an act as simple and spontaneous as leaping into the sea!

In the second half of the story, we are treated to an intimate conversation between Jesus and Peter. Here the vibrant love of Peter for the Lord, already declared in action, is declared in words. Three times, Jesus asks Peter if he loves him, and three times Peter declares his love. Many commentators have noted that these three declarations mirror Peter's three earlier denials. In the presence of the Risen Jesus, Peter has opportunity to set things right. He has been forgiven by his friend and his Lord.

We all want to be like Peter. We want to have that kind of passion for Jesus that would motivate us to jump into the sea so we can be with him immediately. We want to be able to answer Jesus wholeheartedly and without a moment's hesitation: "You know everything, Lord; you know that I love you." We want to be like Peter because he understands so clearly that at the heart of our religion is a relationship: the love between Jesus and his disciples, the love between God and his people.

From The Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Happy Easter

I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter, and during this Easter season I hope we all will travel the journey with Jesus up until Pentecost Sunday.

All Student School Field Trip – May 5th

Our school has been selected to participate in the “Francis in the Schools" field trip program, which will be held at St. Mary’s Cathedral on Thursday May 5th. All students from Grades K to 8 will be attending. Students will be involved in learning about St. Francis and Junipero Sierra. A number of fun activities will be used by the organization. The day is in the format of a fiesta-style fair. There will be a play about St. Francis in the Cathedral. Transport and lunch will be provided. There is no expense to families. Adult chaperones and children with allergies to dairy or gluten need to bring their own lunches. This will be an all day trip from 8.15 to the end of the day.

Your child's homeroom teacher has sent an email requesting chaperones from each class. All staff will be attending the day as well.

We are all looking forward to this fun filled day.


Mrs. Balcaceres, our preschool director, informed us over the Easter Break that she and her family will be relocating to Los Angeles. We wish to thank her for all the work she has done over the past 4 years to develop our preschool program and make it into a thriving learning environment. We wish you all the best for the future.

Financial Aid Submissions

It is important that BASIC and TADS (Archdiocesan Financial Aid) applications are submitted by April 15th. If you are receiving BASIC financial aid this year you will receive a letter from BASIC regarding what you need to do to reapply. Please follow the guidelines and meet all deadline dates.

4th Quarter

We have entered the fourth quarter, and it is an important quarter for all students. It is important that students work to their potential during this quarter. If your child’s teacher has any concerns about your student’s progress they will contact you over the next few days. Please do not hesitate to contact teachers regarding 3rd quarter grades. It is your responsibility to check Cornerstone to monitor your child’s progress.

Grade 6 Outdoor Education

This past week our sixth graders attended the CYO Outdoor Education Program at Occidental. Thanks to Mrs. Allen for organizing the trip and to parents and staff for assisting with supervision. All had a great time.

Principal Awards

The 3rd Quarter Principal Awards Ceremony will be on Monday, April 18th at 9am in the Church followed by morning tea in the cafeteria.

School Walk-a-Thon

Families received walk-a-thon sponsor forms during this past week. I wish to thank everyone for supporting this walk-a-thon this year. Our School Board members are responsible for the organization of the walk-a-thon. As you are aware the school budget requires around $80,000 in fundraising efforts. The walk-a-thon will be our last major fundraising activity. Let’s all make a big effort to make it another successful walk-a-thon.

God Bless,

Vincent Riener


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Students are asked to return their Lenten collection boxes to their homeroom teachers as soon as possible if they did not do so before Easter break.

Talent Show update

Due to the "St. Francis in the Schools" field trip, the Talent Show date has been changed to Wednesday, May 4th. Information regarding practices and dress rehearsal have been sent to the individual participants. Ticket information will be in the next newsletter.

Chess Wizards

Please note the registration takes place directly with Chess Wizards, online or by mail, and is due by April 11th. Please do not send registration forms to school.
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4- School Resumes

4-5-6-7 - 6th Grade Outdoor Education

4 - Faculty Meeting - 2:30pm Early Dismissal

13 - Athletic Board Meeting - 6:30pm

18 - Staff Dev. Mtg. - 12:20 Dismissal - Athl. Board Hot Dog Sale

18 - Principal's Awards Ceremony - 9am

20 - School Board Mtg. - 6:30pm - Parish Office

21- Gr. 2 - Agape - 2pm – Cafeteria

22- Walk–a-thon

23 - First Communion - 10am

27 - Women's Club Teacher Appreciation Dinner

29 - Athletic Board Jamboree

Lunch Menus

April 11 Menu

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April 18 Menu

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Chocolate Milk & Donut Sale

Preschool is holding a donut and chocolate milk sale Friday morning at 7:45-7:55. For $2 you get a delicious donut and a cup of chocolate milk! Come out and support our preschool in their fundraiser for their end of the year field trip! Hope to see you there!


Preschool will be hatching baby chicks, and they need some sponsors who would like to adopt a chick. You can adopt one, you can adopt all! Please come on over to the preschool for more information if you are interested. All they ask is a small donation to their fundraiser, your choice on the amount!


Application available online

All Souls Preschool will start accepting Summer School Applications for new families starting April, 25th. Please contact All Souls Preschool for question at (650) 871-1751.
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