Joint Dislocation

By Tom Carty


A dislocation is an injury to where two bones are connect at a joint. A bone is forced out of this joint into a position, immobilizing it. This is usually caused by the bone impacting against something hard and pops out of the joint. The term, "dislocation" itself wasn't named after a specific person, but a Lisfranc injury is specific for bone injuries in the mid foot and was named by Jacques Lisfranc.

Body Parts Affected and Prognosis

A dislocation can occur at any place on your body where two bones connect to create a joint. The most common type of dislocation is the shoulder dislocation. The prognosis (outcome) for a dislocation varies by injury, but is usually 6 weeks of recovery. For more severe injuries needing surgery, the recovery is much longer.

Symptoms, Tests, and Treatment

Statistics and Terms

A study showed that an average of 135,333 people dislocated a bone per year for a three-year study.


Joints-the point connecting two separate bones

Repositioning-putting the bone back into place