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Spencer Elementary August 28, 2020

News From the Office

Hello Families,

Sometimes the best plans have to be adjusted...and adjusted, and adjusted. Other times the plans look perfect on paper and then you find out that's not going to work as soon as the kids enter.

This week I visited a school that already began so I could "see" how our plans will measure up. My heart was warm as I walked into the lunchroom and saw kids smiling, eating, and talking. They were doing it, and they were happy. It was like the good ol days of when the building was filled with live energy and a vibe that only children can add. It was refreshing and made me think, we're going to be alright and gave me a sense of hope that our plan will work too.

As I arrived back at Spencer, emails revealed plans were changed, some new decisions were made, and then I felt frustrated at the situation and began to lose that glimmer of hope that I witnessed early in the day. So, I went back to the drawing board.

Saying that I know that some families are frustrated that you don't know more. The challenge is things continue to change (multiple times a day) and I want to make sure you have the latest version. There comes a point where you just have to jump in so that's what we will do today.

If you are frustrated like me, you may want to take a listen to this week's podcast, it's about breaking out of the funk of disappointment.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the time with your family, and get ready for the greatest comeback ever!

B. Renner


The 2019-2020 Yearbooks are in the office. We are planning to distribute them during the first week of school and will make arrangements for our BVA students for you to schedule a time to come to the school and pick them up. We do have a few extra yearbooks available for purchase if you forgot to order one. They are $10 (cash only) and you can contact the office to reserve your copy.

Note From the PTO

Are You Ready For the First Day?

Brighton Barbers at 8690 W Grand River Ave (next to Gus's Carryout) is offering Spencer families a back to school discount on haircuts. From Aug. 22 - Sep. 5, receive $2 off per student or father and son cuts for $30. Just mention Spencer Elementary or Mr. Renner's name when you visit the shop.

Did You Update Your Child's Info?

All families need to go into Parent Connect and register for the upcoming school year. Last year the process of registration and re-enrollment shifted to online. If you have a student returning to Brighton Area Schools, you need to go to Parent Connect and complete the back to school information called, re-enrollment. This is for all students coming back to Brighton Area Schools; including the BVA.

If you are having a hard time with Password or Pin, use the Lookup feature. If, for some reason,

you still have difficulty, please send an email to

for account assistance. No account information will be addressed via telephone.

Dash of Salt Podcast

Salt is essential to life; it heals; preserves; and adds flavor to life. I'll share my experiences not only as a principal but my other favorite title, dad.

Ever been frustrated, I have. Click HERE to listen to what happened to me.


Your child can bring their lunch or purchase lunch too.

PLEASE NOTE: On Wednesdays (our remote learning day), we will still offer a hot lunch option and breakfast to be picked up at Brighton High School.

This year, Spencer students will eat lunch first and then head out to recess to ensure proper hygiene before eating. When the students arrive in the lunchroom, they will sit in assigned seats with their classrooms. This will allow for appropriate contract tracing if needed. Lunch will be 25 minutes and recess 20 minutes.

*We are still working on lunchtimes as we are adjusting to the new and integrating cleaning requirements.

PLEASE NOTE the adjustments that will take place:

  • We would encourage you to bring a water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day as the drinking fountains are closed.
  • We no longer have microwaves for the students to use.
  • The salad bar has been removed.
  • We will no longer have a choice for lunch; it will be one entree only—no extra snacks for sale either.
  • Condiments such as ranch, ketchup, and mustard will no longer be available.
  • We can no longer invite guests to join your child at lunch.

In the past, we had a "late table" for those that needed a little more time to eat. This will not be an option due to the adjustments we've made to our plan for social distancing and contract tracing.

The First Day of School is Coming!

Tuesday, September 8th is the first day of school!

September 8 - 11 will be half days. (The school day times will be announced soon) This includes Wednesday for this week only.

The week of September 14th, we will begin full days with our 2-1-2 model, which means,

Monday and Tuesday your child will attend school at Spencer (2 Days)

Wednesday will be an online learning day. Spencer will be closed for deep cleaning (1 Day)

Thursday and Friday will be back to Spencer (2 Days)


Who is a COVID Officer?

-That would be Mr. Renner. He's in charge of monitoring the staff and other visitors that come to Spencer. We have a QR code that will be filled out and monitored for indications that someone is not feeling well.

He's also in charge of providing personal protective equipment to the staff and visitors to the building.

Are We Going to Have Media Center?

-Yes! Mrs. Adams is going to push-in to the classrooms where your child will get a chance to select books from her cart of specially selected books. There might even be some new Mr.Renner Books to choose from.

When your child returns their book, we'll put it in a container that will be indicated for disinfecting. After, it will be placed back on the shelf to go home with another family.

What About Art, Music, and Phys. Ed.?

Art and music will go to the classroom to teach the lesson. P.E. will be outside unless inclement weather. If they come inside, Phys.Ed. will be in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Can My Student Ride the Bus?

If you are resident in Brighton and in the school boundary for Spencer, you'll have a spot on the big yellow bus. If you are a school of choice, you'll need to provide transportation to and from school.

Will You Call if My Child Shows Signs of COVID-19?

Yes, we will. We will use the information from the Livingston County Health Department to indicate symptoms of COVID-19. Please know, we are not medical professionals. We can triage, this is why we use the latest guidelines from the county. When in doubt, we will quarantine your child and you'll need to come and pick-up your child immediately. The district nurse will be contacted as well to help with the diagnosis.

Where is the Quarantine Room?

We have our clinic, for those scraped knees and bruises. The former teacher's lounge is now the COVID quarantine location. The medication area is the back area of the office.

If your child is quarantined, an adult will be present at all times to monitor the situation.

When Will the Students Be Required to Wear Face Coverings?

At all times throughout the day except lunch, and when they go outside.

Will My Child Have Recess?

Yes, twice a day.

One time will be at lunch, the other will be in the morning or afternoon depending on the lunch schedule for your child.

While outside, your child will not be required to wear a mask. This also will include any time a teacher chooses to take a nature walk, do a lesson outside, or takes her class to play kickball.

What Does Recess Look Like?

The playground will be divided into five zones. Each teacher will have a designated zone to play in for that day. The zones will be clearly designated. The classroom cohort will remain in their zones while playing. For example, Teacher A's third-grade class will play in zone 3, and Teacher B's third-grade class will play in zone 2. See the map below.

What if I Forget to Bring my Mask?

You will not be allowed in the building.

What if a Child Refuses to Wear a Mask?

We will remind them why it's important to and how it keeps everyone safe and healthy. If they still refuse after several attempts, Mr. Renner will come down and have your child call you to explain why they are refusing. If they continue to refuse, you will be called to take her home.

This is a health and safety matter. Please begin to have these conversations now with your child. Use the video link HERE to help navigate the discussions.

What Will the Before and After Care Look Like? (Friendship Center)

Friendship Center has been moved to the music room due to the increased space and additional locations of restrooms, sinks, and increased space for social distancing. For additional information click HERE.

What Supplies Will My Child Need?

It would be best if your child had crayons (12 of 24 counts), markers, scissors, a couple of glue sticks. These will be your child's that he will use throughout the day. We will no longer have community supplies to help eliminate possible cross-contamination. If your child doesn't have these selected items, they will be provided for her. The teacher will have a more detailed list that will be more grade-specific. Check the Spencer webpage for updates.

How Many Classes Does Spencer Have?

1 Junior Kindergarten Class

4 Kindergarten Classrooms

5 First Grade Classrooms

4 Second Grade Classrooms

4 Third Grade Classrooms

4 Fourth Grade Classrooms

We are making last-minute adjustments with staff. Next week we'll have the selected teacher associated with the grade levels.

What Does Drop Off Look Like?

In the morning drop-off will be a bit busy. Mr. Renner met with the Brighton Police to discuss possible routes to get more cars off Spencer Road and into the parking lot. The first couple of days, feel free to walk your child up. After that, we're going to ask you to drop and go with the flow. We will have a crossing guard to help get students across safely and Mr.Renner will help with directing traffic as well. Look for a map next week so you can prepare.

Adult supervision will not be outside until 8:40. We are asking that you please don't drop off early. When students are left unsupervised accidents can happen. We are all busy and have things to get to. It's not worth it and besides, it's going to be uncomfortable when Mr.Renner calls you to ask why you are dropping your child off so early? Safety is paramount.

What About Pick-Up?

If you are picking up your child after school, you will go to the outside door and wait for your child's teacher to open the door. The doors will open at 3:30. With the flux of teacher movement, you'll have to wait until next week to share that map of the teacher's rooms and their outside door numbers.

Big picture


The Brighton Transportation Department is sending bus and route information soon for those that are in the district. If your child is to be picked up or dropped off anywhere but home, you will need to fill out an alternate destination form before school starts. Contact the office and we can email you the form.

Helpful Resources from the CDC

Return to School Parent Toolkit

This year will be different than past years. To help understand Spencer's protocols during this pandemic, please use the link found HERE from the Livingston County Health Department.
MI Safe Schools Roadmap Safety Protocols 2020

Click HERE to see the safety protocols of each of the Phases.