Umbrella Man

The conspiracy

On November 22, 1963 it was a completely sunny and bright day. President John F. Kennedy was taking part in a parade in Dallas, Texas by riding in a car with the hood down. Awaiting for the president's arrival, Louie Steven Witt was standing on the side walk while holding a flechette. When the president came his was, he was suddenly killed by this suspected assassinator.

SImple facts about the umbrella man

Evidence that Louie Steven Witt killed President John F. Kennedy with a flechette.

  • A few days before the assassination the flechette went missing
  • It was a perfectly bright and sunny day, (the high that day was 71.5 F, the low was 55 F, and the average for the day was 63F) Light precipitation was forecasted for that morning but nothing happened. Why would he have needed an umbrella?
  • When questioned Louie Steven Witt claimed to not have the umbrella for weather purposes, but instead for a "political statement" called Chamberlain. When this statement was researched they found out that the umbrella had nothing to do with representing Chamberlain.
  • When measured the size of the wound in his neck was the same as the flechette dart.