Kiteboarding Camps

Types of Kite Boards & Factors to Choose Them

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport associated with water and is a combination of several games. Kitesurfing in Barcelona is a popular sport and specialty which is why these beaches attract thousands of tourists each year. There are several types of boards which can be used while kiteboarding. Some of the boards are listed below along with their features and can be bought at any Kitesurf shop Barcelona offers to the tourists.

Types of boards

· Light weight monster kiteboards: This type of board is wide and has no amount of bend between the two tips of the board. A top notch kitesurfing course would definitely teach a beginner that the huge amount of space allows the board to be light and bounce when on waves.

· All around big board: Individuals who attend kite board lessons know that in order to operate an all round big board properly there are no specific climatic conditions. The width of the board varies and the wider the board, better the performance during light winds. Narrow boards are ideal for chop as they have slightly higher rocker than the light weight monster kiteboard.

· Every day performance kiteboard: Individuals at kiteboarding camps might at times start off with the everyday performance kite board. This board is perfect for the perfect season however; novices might not do well on this board right from the beginning. They might require time and expert guidance to get used to this board.

· High wind/light weight board: There is a lot of chop with high winds and individuals who attend kiteboarding camp know that a small board is ideal in these situations. The small surface area allows individuals to sink into water to be able to have more control over the winds. It is easier for light weight riders to maintain the edge with this board.

Factors determining choice of board

The most important factor while choosing a boat is the weight of a rider. An individual attending kite surfing lesson should be able to tell which board suits him/her. The board should be able to accommodate the rider, so the bigger the rider, bigger the board.