By: Lilly Carroll, 1b

Apple Information

On the 1st of April, 1976 Steve jobs came out with Apple products. He created computer hardware, software and electronics. Steve Jobs had some help from Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Apple products can now be found worldwide. The first product was an Apple I Computer. They were about to put it out on the market but then Steve Wozniak was working with Hewlett-Packard a computer company the paper said he could work there. Apple meets our wants sometimes by if we want a bigger phone they created the iPhone plus. And then a lot of people liked the style of the phone 5 so Apple created the iPhone SE. Apple products do not meet our needs we have to have because a phone, laptop, desktop, or watch is not necessary to have. you need water, food, and shelter. not electronics. Now Apple has had some competition with Samsung they made a waterproof phone. And Samsung also has a 7 out then Apple recently put out the 7. There is a lot more competition but that is 2 of the main ones.

Other Information

Apple recently came out with IOS 10. It was apparently one of the biggest updates yet for them. Every so often they come out with new little things for the iPhone, iPad, etc. Apple adds in a lot of little features for us the consumer and them the suppler. Also iPhone 7 and 7+ was just released a few nights ago. And there was no headphone jack? They are now called ear pods i believe. Plus that means you will never tangle up your headphones again. Thats probably the good part, the bad part is that means you will probably lose them even more now that they are so little. As for the Apple Watch was introduced on September 9, 2014. and it was released on April 24, 2015 The wearable device consists of fitness and health tracking, its features are very similar to the fit bit. Also in October of 2015 there was the new iPhone SE. It was the same size as an iPhone 5/5s but it came in gold and rose gold with all the same features as an regular iPhone 6 but in the size and shape as a 5/5s.

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Six Functions Of Business


Paying bills,paying taxes, investing cash, and purchasing inventory.

In accounting its simple, its everything to do with money.

ex: From the bills you pay, to the money you spend for food. And then the extra money you have to spend on wants.


Makes sure that the entire organization meets its goal and obligations. Effectively works with people in the organization. Also it uses available resources to accomplish the organizations goal.


Product, Price, Placement and Promotion.

ex :Product is what you are selling to the consumer. Price is how much you are selling it for. Placement is where are you selling this product. And promotion is when the workers are getting a higher job.

Information Technology:

For this you have to maintain a couple of things such as email accounts, software applications, processing systems, and hardware for all technology used.

ex: Maintaining your email account is important so when in business you can check it and all your emails. Keep your computers software is good.


this involves behind the senses paperwork required to complete all transactions.also its found both in the service and manufacturing sector.

Human resources:

Manages "people"relations with the company. Helps workers develop the skill and knowledge needed to be successful on the job. Helps employees pursue education and opportunities.