Washington Early Learning Center

Weekly Staff Newsletter

May 4th-May 8th, 2015

This week's meetings/activities

There may be 2nd round 4K teacher candidates touring the building with me this week. Possibly one on Wednesday afternoon and two on Friday afternoon.

Monday,May 4th

2:30--IEP Mtg. for Brock B.

Tuesday, May 5th:

Mobile Dental Clinic here today (Angie will send out schedule)

Wednesday, May 6th:

7:45--Ask Austin!

11:00-12:00--All Staff lunch provided by WELC Parents

Thursday, May 7th:

9:00--Stacie out for Administrator Meeting (at Admin Building)

Friday, May 8th:

7:45--IEP for Aiden N

8:00--LST?? (if needed)

9:00--Eval/IEP for Maxwell M

10:45--Eval/IEP for ?? (Please let me know who this is for)

2:30--IEP mtg. for O.J.

2:30--PTO Meeting

A look ahead:

Tuesday, May 26th: Tom Pease performs at 10:00 & 12:15

Tuesday, June 2nd: WELC presentation to Board

Thursday, June 4th: Last student day

Friday, June 5th: Last teacher day

WELC Board Presentation

Our presentation to the Board will happen on Tuesday, June 2nd. Our committee (Sarah, Jamie, Missy & Stacie) met last week and have decided to gather pictures and data as a "year in review" type of presentation.

Please let me know if you can assist with any of the following (some of you I am requesting specific information from):

  • Are there any "before" pictures of Washington? Building, classroom, etc. before things got moved in? If so, please let me know!
  • PALS fall & spring data (Sandy)
  • Birth-3 data (number of TPC meetings & evaluations)-Missy
  • Screening data (number of children screened per month; number of referrals from screenings; number qualified for SPED)-Renee
  • Look through your classroom pictures and start a folder that includes highlights from happenings throughout the year.
  • List of parent activities/trainings (library, OT/PT, bedtime routines, others?) Are there any pictures of these? Those that took the lead on each of these, could you write up a description and give attendance numbers, etc.?

We are going to work on a slide show presentation that includes pictures & graphs. Sarah is taking the lead on this but all of us need to assist with the leg work to get these items together.

If you have other ideas, please let me know!


For those of you evaluated by me using the EP system, I will be setting up an individual meeting with you in the next few weeks. I am scheduled to meet with the Administration on Wednesday, June 3rd to review individual EP's. I am meeting with Steve this week to get a better idea of what is expected at this meeting and will send you more information to assist your preparation.

To Do!

  • Please remember to begin looking through and sorting the shared materials area. What if we made three piles: keep, donate to 4K, donate to families?
  • LST?? Please let me know by Wednesday if you have anyone that you need to refer for our LST meeting.