NPS Gifted and Talented Council

Course Progression - February, 2021

Course Information to Plan for Graduation and Beyond

Hello! Again this year, our GT Council looks a bit different due to COVID-19. As we typically gather at the Nancy O'Brian Center for Performing Arts to present this information, we are bringing this information to the safety of your home and the flexibility for you to watch what you need as well as have access to the individuals who can best answer your questions.

Each of the blue buttons listed under each subject area coordinator link to a video for each subject area. Additional links to the NPS website are also included for convenience.

Although this information is most pertinent to our middle school and high school students, we make this available to all of our GT families so you can see all that lies ahead.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you have as you look through these resources to best help you and your child choose the best paths for the course work choices through Norman Public Schools.

Best Regards,

Cindy Castell

Director of Gifted, Talented and Advanced Programs

Course Progression Information Videos

Mr. Jeffrey Patterson - Science and PreEngineering Coordinator

Email -

Phone - (405)447-6578

Science and Pre Engineering

This video walks through the Science Course Progression. Please note that 3 years of Science are required for graduation. Students may take more as electives if they wish. In addition, the PreEngineering opportunities are also highlighted.

Mrs. Janet Gorton - Director of English Learner Programs/World Languages/ Family and Consumer Sciences

Email -

Phone - (405)366-0589

World Languages

World Language choices and opportunities are vast in Norman. Listen Janet Gorton, Director of World Languages share these opportunities.

Mrs. Sarah Seymore - English Language Arts Coordinator

Email -

Phone - (405)447-6578

English Language Arts

Mrs. Sarah Seymore, ELA Coordinator reviews the English Language Arts progression and questions that arise for this subject area.

Mrs. Jamie Rentzel - Math Coordinator

Email -

Phone - (405)366-5839


Mrs. Jamie Rentzel, NPS Math Coordinator, reviews all of the options and considerations when choosing math courses.

Mrs. Jane Purcell - Social Studies and Computer Sciences Coordinator

Email -

Phone- (405)366-5837

Social Studies

Social Study Course Progression is explained by Jane Purcell.

Computer Sciences

Computer Science classes are a collaboration with MNTC.

Mrs. Cindy Castell - Advanced Placement

Email -

Phone - (405)366-5837

College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Cindy Castell has an overview of AP Courses and considerations in choosing AP Coursework in high school. In addition, AP Capstone program is reviewed.

AP Advice from our Graduates

2021 AP Exam Schedule

This is an extra resource with this Spring's AP Exam Schedule. Updates may be provided if things change due to COVID 19.

Aegis Course Information

AEGIS English (NHS & NN)

Aegis English is a two-year course in which students hone both their argumentative and creative writing skills, building towards college-level responses to a diverse array of contemporary and classic literature. Students engage in bibliographic and other literary research projects, personal essays, and creative writing in the genres of drama, poetry, and short fiction. Many students excel on both the AP Language and Composition and AP LIterature and Composition tests at the end of the two years.

AEGIS Math (NHS only)

AEGIS Math is a two-year course in which students learn advanced mathematics including but not limited to AP Calculus BC topics. The course covers these calculus topics at a deeper level which includes more application, deriving of formulas and formal proofs than the AP course. We also cover other math topics like proofs, matrices, combinatorics, set theory and logic, as well as calculus beyond the AP exam. Most students take the AP Calculus BC exam after their second year.

Course Progression Resources

Middle School Advanced Courses

This packet details all of the course advancement opportunities for NPS Middle Schools.

Course Progression Charts

The course progression charts highlighted in the subject area videos are in this pdf.

Other Methods to Advance

Proficiency testing information is linked in the Proficiency Testing title above. If a student has outstanding knowledge of a subject area or grade level, proficiency testing at 90% or above can be used to demonstrate that the knowledge has been mastered.

It is always important when deciding if this is the best option for your student to think about:

  • What will be missed if the course is skipped?
  • What are the student's future goals and how will testing help with reaching those goals?

Having this option is wonderful as it opens doors for students to accelerate learning. It is important to weigh the outcomes when deciding to proficiency test for credit. If you need assistance in making these decisions, each curriculum coordinator is happy to discuss the pros and cons of proficiency testing in their subject area.

FAQ about Proficiency Testing

When will the dates for this year be posted?

  • Proficiency Testing dates will be posted the first week of May. This year we hope to return to our model of one test day soon after school ends, and one test day close to the start of next school year.

Are there study materials?

  • For most of the tests, there are not study guides. However, on the proficiency testing web page at the bottom, there are links to the OSDE Curriculum Standards. If your student needs to review the information, they can go to the link provided and search for the subject matter standards.
  • For the Fine Arts Test, there is a link on the proficiency testing web page that is called Fine Arts Test Preparations. This is linked to the study guides used by the district at all grade levels. The 8th grade Music and the 8th grade Visual Arts guides are the perfect study materials for this test.

Can my student take the test more than once?

  • Yes, they can take the test on either or both of the dates posted for that school year. Usually the tests are right after school is out in May or early June and right before school starts in August. (Dates will be posted on proficiency testing web page at the beginning of May) Sign up will also be located on this site.
  • These dates are not flexible due to staffing to provide testing.
  • However, if a student is new to Norman, or is a graduating senior, special accommodations can be made for off-date testing.

Summer School

Advancement Opportunities in Summer School

ExpandED ONLINE SUMMER SCHOOL PROGRAM is an accelerated online program that will allow students to test out of material that has already been mastered. This program is for students seeking original credit to get ahead in their coursework. The program is offered using the Edgenuity platform and is monitored by a teacher who is also available for online tutoring sessions. A wide variety of core courses and electives are offered. This program is $225 per semester course. Reduced rates are available for qualifying students.

Full NPS Summer School Information Website

NPS Summer School website

Information will be updated as it becomes available for the next summer session.

NPS - SAT Suite of Assessments - 8th grade through 11th grade

Big picture

Helpful Links for Graduation

Graduation Requirements for each Cohort

Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Others are posted at the beginning of the student's Freshman year of high school.

2021-22 NPS Course Catalog

Link to webpage with NPS Course Catalog and MNTC Course Catalog

2021-22 NPS Concurrent Enrollment Packet

Concurrent Enrollment is for seniors and some juniors. This packet has details needed to enroll with OU or OCCC.

NCAA Academics Website

If you plan on being a college student athlete. NCAA website has great information.

AP Credit by College

This link was mentioned in the AP video. Search courses and colleges to see what AP courses are accepted for credit.