Where is your innocence?

Innocence is as corruptible as sin.

Is royalty an allowance for innocence?

In "Opedius the King," we hear Opedius deny killing the King Laios multiple times. Until the end, when the servant is brought to him, does he actually realize what he has done.
Oedipus the King

How about true innocence?

In the Book of Job, we see that Job is actually innocent yet he still goes through afflictions. Losing his 10 children, all his wealth, then suffering from boils on his skin. Yet, he did nothing to deserve this treatment.
The Goon Bible Project - Book of Job
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HMMMMM, what would you do?

Having finally learned that he had killed his father, married his mother, and witnessed his mother kill herself, Opedius cuts out his eyes. He states that he does so because of how horrific it was to watch a women so beautiful do something so heinous. Of course I use my own words, but would an innocent man actually do something of this nature?

What if you're actually innocent?

In chapter 3, as Job begins his poetic speeches by cursing the day he was born. This central section consists of the “comforting” words of his friends, who try to persuade Job that if he is suffering he must have sinned, and Job’s increasingly bitter retorts that he is innocent, and that his punishment is undeserved. Which are signs of what an innocent man would do.
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