KSD3 HR Corner

Monthly newsletter for our employees - September 24, 2021

Message from Dave Reinhart


You are remarkable! We are going to get through this challenging time. With a quality team such as what we have here in Kuna, we can do anything! Thank you for all that you do.

To begin this issue I think the following two questions capture some essential information and I wanted to pass them along.

Dear HR,

Are we going to have COVID days again this year? Having those 10 last year made it easier to stay home if I was having any symptoms.

Dear Friend,

Last year, before we knew much about the COVID virus and before we had a vaccine, the Federal Government required additional days. Our Board of Trustees then extended the days an additional 2 months while our staff had a chance to become fully vaccinated.

Now that we do have a vaccine and know more about the virus, we have no immediate plans for additional days.

If you are feeling sick and are worried about your days off, please contact us at "hr@kunaschools.org" and we will work with you on possibilities for leave.

Dear HR,

I'm drowning in work! We need more staff to help with the workload. Please send more people!

Dear Friend,

It is all overwhelming. We staffed our classrooms with an assumption of growth throughout the year. We hired 12 more teachers than we originally budgeted because we grew over the summer and want to have the capacity for more growth.

We also restored the classified positions we had eliminated at the beginning of the pandemic and adjusted for growth.

All that being said, we, like most employers are struggling to find enough people to help. Our employees are the best recruiters! Please consider sending people to apply. As I often say, you will go to bed with a good feeling in your heart each night if you decide you are going to work for a school district.

We need volunteers for our Child Nutrition Department and people can start the process here. We need help in many buildings and departments as well and people can apply here. Thank you for helping spread the word. You may put either of those articles on your social media account or spread them in the community.

If you have questions, please contact us at: www.kunaschools.org or stop by our office. It is my hope that you find the resources in this e-newsletter helpful for your health and your career. Our team remains in the service to you!


College Credits

If you took classes over the summer or have additional credits that need to be turned in. Please have your official transcripts sent to hr@kunaschools.org before October 1, 2021 in order for any pay changes to take place this school year.


Happy first payday! There are many different changes that take place in September; including changes to insurance coverage and rates, contract updates, pay changes, and additions to sick and personal hours.

Please take a minute to log in to Skyward and make sure all of your changes are correct. If you need help logging on to Skyward, you can find instructions by clicking this link. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at tmerithew@kunaschools.org or 208.922.1000, ext. 1206.

Free Health Care for You and Your Family!

Allyhealth is a benefit for all employees in the Kuna School District. You are able to use the telemedicine service for yourself and your immediate household family members. Please activate your account today!

Link to flyer about how to schedule an appointment

Link to flyer on Allergies

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Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.)

We understand that this time of uncertainty can be stressful and want to remind you that the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) is free counseling and is available to you and your family free of charge. To make an appointment, please call (208) 367-3300. They are doing virtual appointments at this time.

See the attached flyer for contact information.

SmartFind Express help

If you need any assistance with new passwords or access, please contact:

Deann Greany at Ext. 1224 or email subhelp@kunaschools.org

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If you know someone that would be willing to volunteer to help us in our Kitchens please pass on this important link

We are also in need of bus aides. All volunteers can fill out a volunteer application by following this link

Rumor Patrol

Have you heard a rumor and want to know the answer? Submit it. We'll find out what's true and what's "fake news."

Questions for HR?

Please use the HR email to ask any questions you might have concerning Human Resources.