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  • Tuesday: HHS9
  • Wednesday: Flexible by Appointment
  • Thursday: HHS
  • Friday: Morning Flexible by Appointment

For days I am on your specific campus, email me or tweet me@DigitalCrawford to set up a time we can work together. Please include your campus, room number, and preferred time.

Tech Spotlight: Scan at Your Desk!

Instead of running to the copy machine every time you need to scan a document, try these apps!

Article: Great Google Drive Add-Ons for Teachers

Take full advantage of all Google Drive has to offer by familiarizing yourself with Add-Ons. Try just one and see how it can transfer your experience!

Article: Google Classroom - Using RubricTab to Assess

Moving to a digital classroom can be daunting especially when it comes to grading! Use this Google Spreadsheet Add-On to make grading with a rubric much smoother! Full tutorial available on site in link.