What This Job Is

  1. A pharmacist is aperson who is professionally qualified to prepare and dispense medicinal drugs. Professional doctors will prescribe certain medication that patients need to pick up at a pharmacy. Pharmacist provide a special amount of that drug to give to the patient. It takes a total of 6 years to become a pharmacist.

The Average Wage for This Occupation

Nationally, the average annual wage for this occupation is:$ 103,350 for entry level workers and $ 133,700 for experienced workers. In New York State, the average annual wage for this occupation is: $ 89,690 for entry level workers and $ 124,950 for experienced workers. In the New York City region, the average annual wage for this occupation is: $ 80,660 for entry level workers and $ 122,460 for experienced workers.

Pictures of Job and Medication

Education Requirements

Knowledge is a huge part in becoming a pharmacist. The requirements are physiology, therapy and counseling, medicine and dentistry, mathematics, English language, education and training, customer and personal service, computers and electronics, chemistry, and finally biology. These will make a difference in the way you work as a pharmacist and you are required to have these to be one. Additionally you need a masters degree and a bachelors degree.

Places and Work Environments

People In this field will work at stores with pharmacies such as rite aid ,cvs, and you can own your own store.


For being a pharmacist you need to have a lot of customer service because customers come to buy the medicine so you have to know how to treat them. Also you need reading comprehension for exact medication that the doctors prescribe to the patient.