Analyzing Abstract Concepts


By : Lauren And Miranda 6th

Denotation - Connotation - Association

Denotation- Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

Connotation- When I think of the word prejudice, i see someone judging another person but not aloud. More of an inner judgement or by their facial expressions the other person can see.

Association- racism or stereotype

What does Prejudice mean to you?

To me, Prejudice means judging something without giving it a chance to so you its real self. You get this information from stereotypes and then commit them as facts. You form an opinion without getting first hand experience.

How is this concept in the book?

We see this concept in chapter two in scout’s classroom. Burris Ewell is one of the poorest kids in her class and everyone knows it. Besides being poor he also takes the things people give him for granted, like the people around town try and help the Ewell’s because they know that they have no mother and their father is a drunk. The school master at their school even lets them go to school only one day a year. We see how disgusted Miss caroline is when she tells Burris to go home and take a shower…..he gets mad and calls her a slut...well something along that word.

How do we see this concept in our lives?

We see this concept in our society when people prejudge the wealthy and think that they are snobs, or when people get bad grade in school and immediately jump to the conclusion that they are stupid, but they might actually have to take care of their siblings. Our society mirrors this book because people jump to conclusions and make their own assumptions just like we do.

I chose this picture because it reminds me of burris ewell. Yes he was a child, but this homeless man is a statement to everyone else in the world. If you looked at him for thirty seconds without making any sort of judgement about him you must be an angel. If you were to make a judgement about him then you’re just like everyone else. Not only do you not know his story or how he got to the place he’s in now, but you’re probably thinking to yourself that he’s disgusting and probably deserves what he’s got...But does he?