Mrs. N.'s SK/Grade 1 Class

November Newsletter

Progress Reports Are Coming!

Progress Reports will be going home the second week of November. Reports for the Senior Kindergarten will be of similar format to the Junior Kindergarten report. The Grade 1 report card will be more detailed in that it incorporates the various "Learning Skills" and "Work Habits" that students are expected to exhibit during their daily learning. The purpose of monitoring these skills and habits is that they enable academic achievement and social/emotional growth. They are: responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative and self-regulation.

The evening of Thursday, November 14th and the morning of Friday, November 15th are dedicated to parent-teacher interviews. A note will go home shortly requesting your availability. An effort will be made to coordinate meeting times between teachers of parents with multiple students at the school. Meetings will be 15 minutes in duration.

The meetings in our classroom will take on the format of a Student-Led Conference. Parents will be provided with a checklist to follow while their child guides them through a few key daily learning routines to demonstrate the skills they have acquired over the last few weeks.

New November Show and Share Theme

The students have enjoyed learning about each other this past month. They are so engaged in what their peers have to say, that the room is so quiet, you can hear a pin drop! Some thought provoking questions have been posed during Show and Share, such as, "How does your monkey travel on the plane with you?" or "How can a lady be a police officer?"

In keeping with the Grade 1 Social Studies focus on Rules, Relationships and Responsibilities, the daily STARS are asked to present their family trees to the class. Templates and guidelines will be sent home with your child to complete at home independently. Their assigned date for presenting is noted on the class calendar.

We have discussed with the students the elements of a good Show and Share presentation. Expectations are set using a "Learning Target" - what we are expected to learn/know/do, and "Success Criteria" - the relevant details that need to be demonstrated in order for the student to be successful in their learning. For example:

LEARNING TARGET : I can speak about my interests or a topic in front of my peers. I

can listen to to the speaker and ask questions about their presentation.

SUCCESS CRITERIA : I speak in a loud voice so that everyone can hear me.

I face and look at my audience when I am speaking.

I use pictures and/or props to describe what I am talking about.

I speak about the assigned topic.

Classroom Calendar

Under each Sunday on the classroom calendar, I will list the Senior Kindergarten focus sound and letter for the week that will be incorporated into the Literacy block each day. Grade 1 Focus Words of the Week are also listed. These words will also be added to your child's Word Ring every Monday. Please ensure the Word Ring is returned in your child's RAH bag along with the books from the previous week.

SK Trip to the Apple Orchard

It is unanimous - the SKs had a really great time at the apple orchard. The weather was fantastic and the students came back with a lot to talk about - picking apples, tasting apple cider, touring the sorting facility and witnessing a real bee hive! Thanks to Mrs. Mishra and Ms. Wang for accompanying the kids. Attached are some photos of the trip.

Tips For Helping Your Child Be Successful At School!

Here are a few simple things that parents can do to help their child be successful at school:

1. Make sure that your child is getting ample sleep - approximately 10 hours every night. Having a consistent nighttime routine and bedtime is helpful.

2. Help them to arrive on time. Arriving late on a regular basis not only throws your child off of their classroom routines, but it also affects their peers and teachers.

3. Pack "brain food" for snacks and lunch. Being at school for over six hours is a long day for your child. They are expected to think and do throughout the entire day. Packing healthy nutritious food helps them to accomplish this. Please avoid and/or limit sugary, processed snacks.

4. Demonstrate an interest in your child's education by discussing how their day went, what they learned in class, and who they played with. Read with them daily. Ensure that any assigned homework is complete. These actions set the example that school and learning is important in your household and helps build a bridge between school and home.

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs. Nitsopoulos and Mrs. Beattie