News from Room 4

December 8, 2017

What will be learning next week:

· Language Arts Unit 3 Week 2

· Unit Theme: Have Fun Week Theme: Lets Laugh

- Vocabulary: connection, support, possessions, relief, typical

- High-Frequency Words (read): call, funny, how, more, so, there

- Spelling Words: like, spike, hide, bike, mine, ride, make, came, how, there, shine, twice

- Grammar: Present Tense Verbs

- Skill: Make Predictions

Important Notes:

Holiday Show

The first grade will have a dress rehearsal for the school on Monday, December 11th then the final show is Monday, December 18th. Please have your child dress nicely for the Dice,enr 18th show.

Family Traditions

The first grade December optional project is due by Friday, December 22nd. Your child can choose any way to present or show how they celebrate family traditions.

Dylan's Holiday tradition Video

Here is an example of Dylan McPheter's Holiday Traditions from last year. He said I could share it this year as an example. Unfortunately, my new computer does not have a flash drive so you need to email your creation to me.

Click HERE to view Dylan's video

Buddy Reading


This week we participated in the Hour of Code. We watched two videos explaining how important coding will be to the future of today's youth. We spent the week playing and learning 3 different coding apps for primary students. If you would like to have your child practice at home, these are the apps we have been using; Scratch Jr, and Daisy the Dinosaur, Kodable. Star Wars Blocks is another great one you could play with at home. Have fun!


Thanks for sending in SO many toys! SSF will make a lot of children very happy!

Holiday Card

With the help of our 4th grade buddies, we made holiday cards for a Senior Living Facility. We hope to brighten their day!

Gwyn lost a tooth!

Big image


This week we learned how to decompose numbers and using friendly numbers like 10 or doubles.

Note: This is a 2nd grade example

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Events:

-Holiday Show - December 18th at 8:45 Please mark your calendars!!!

-Winder Break: December 25th - January 5th - No School!


Christy Campbell