Janessa Kuderer

Key Laws and Supreme Court Decisions

During the 1970's, many key laws were passed. Some of the key laws passed were the creation of the OSHA. OSHA worked to get more rights for workers. The Clean Water Act helped to keep U.S waters clean from toxins.

In 1973, the Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade came to an end. The case was over abortion and its legality. The Supreme Court decided that it was in fact legal. Another Supreme Court case was the United States vs. Nixon in 1974. This case was brought up when back in 1972 five burglars were caught breaking into the Democratic national Headquarter, and were found to be working for Nixon, who was President at the time. The Courts decision was that Nixon would be forced to release the full recording of the incriminating tapes.


Some of the Technology changes in the 1970's included the invention of the home VCR, allowed families to watch movies at home. Other inventions included the Floppy disk, ink jet printers, genetic engineering, and in 1979 the first cell phone was created. MRI Scanners were also invented, which allowed doctors to determine the severity of injuries. The first Artificial heart was created on march 30th, 1978. Another major change in technology were in NASA. NASA had several more missions into space. NASA also developed Skylab, which was a small orbital space platform.

The picture to the right shows the first cell phone, which came out in 1979.


The music of the 1970's was both relaxing and good to dance to. There were different types of music emerging, such as disco and punk but there was also rock and roll. Popular songs from this decade were Low rider, play that funky music, Sweet Home Alabama, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Kung Fu Fighting.

The major toys of the 70's were hot wheels and the Malibu Barbie.

The top movies were Rocky, Jaws, Annie Hall, Star Wars, Grease, The Deer Hunter, and Saturday Night Fever.

Wars Fought

During the 1970's, three wars were fought, including the Cambodian Campaign War, the Vietnam Wars, and the Yom Kippur War. The Cambodian Campaign War was an attack to ensure the continued withdrawal of American forces from South Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was a struggle to unify the country of Vietnam under a communist government. The U.S was involved and till President Nixon withdrew troop in 1973, due to the great opposition to the war.

The Yom Kippur War started in October 1973 when Egypt and Syria attacked an Israeli position in the territory of Yom Kippur on a holy day. The Yom Kippur War lead to the Energy Crisis back in the States. president Nixon supported Israel and an embargo on oil shipments to the U.S from Syria and Egypt. This cause the price of oil to jump from $3 a barrel to $12 per barrel, and the U.S tried to conserve oil. Even when the embargo was lifted on March of 1974, oil prices remained high. The national Speed Limit was put into place and Daylights Savings Time was adopted year round in 1974 and 1975. From this war the U.S became more self sufficient about oil and resources.

There was also the Cod Wars which was between the United Kingdom and Iceland over fishing rights.


The Athletics won the most world series, with 3. Miami won the most Superbowl, having 2 in 1970's. UCLA won the most NCAA, with 4. The Knicks and Celtics tied for the most NBA finals awards during the 1970's having 2 each. One of the most famous boxers of this decade was Muhammad Ali. During the 1972 Olympics, the Soviet Union beat the U.S. The Soviet Union also won the 1976 summer Olympics. Hank Aaron passed Babe Ruth in the all time home runs list.

Standard of Living

During the 70's the standard of living increase. During this time the price for a gallon of milk was $1.57, and the coast for a ticket to the movie theater was $2.03. A gallon of gas cost $0.57. During the 1970's the average price of a house was around, $23,400 while today an average price of a house would be about $131,823. A car during the 1970's would have cost about $3,350, while today a car costs about $18,872. Yearly wages during the 70's was around $6,186, while today the average yearly wage is around $34,848.

Lifestyle and Fashion

During the 1970's the average salary was $7,564. Women began to leave the house in this decade, taking jobs as doctors, lawyers and news anchors. Popular jobs for the men consisted of doctors, lawyers, judges, pilots, construction workers, engineers and farmers.

Some of the fashion during the 70's included bell-bottoms, earth shoes, and clogs. Eyeglasses and knits and denims were also popular. The style of the 70's was influenced a lot by movies.

Items such as pet rocks, mood rings, lava lamps, smiley faces and the Rubik's cube became very big.

Famous People

Some of the influential people of the 70's were celebrities but there were also others. "Rocky" Balboa, John Wayne, Bruce Lee, Melissa Sue Anderson and John Travolta were all famous actors during the 70's. Elvis Presley, and Diana Ross were both popular singers . Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter all served as President of the U.S during the 70's. John Paul II was a key world leader. He advocated for human rights and he helped the fall of communism in Poland. Mother Teresa was another key leader. She brought help to those who needed, opened a school and a home for the dying. She showed others how to treat each other.