Alexander is not that great

Alejandra Hernandez

Things about Alexander

Alex was a general, king, solder he was many things that he had many privileges

Alexander lll of Macedon

-Most known as Alexander the Great, from 336-323 BCE.

-Alexanders dad Phillip ll

- After his dad died Alex took over Egypt all through India, also to the throne

-Philip was a guesthouse by the Greeks

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-empty kingdom in North Greece

-Macedonia was underline

-Wanted to be free from Greece

Wanted Man

Friday, Sep. 26th, 12pm

Pella, Greece & Babylon iraq

Makedonia Thraki

Caution, Alexander is an evil man


We are giving a reward for anyone for find Alexander the great and turns him in

Picture of Alexander just ordering what to do.

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Alexander bad actions

-Invaded modern day Pakistan

-When he was drunk he would act immature

-He would get with other woman