Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. her fathers name was Otto frank, who was a businessman while her mother Edith was a housewife and tool care of her daughters Anne and Margot. Anne was a happy and outgoing child, her dream was to become a writer. she had many friends, her family was Jewish and celebrated Jewish holidays.

In 1933 Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany, he was part of the Nazi party. Also Adolf hated Jews and blamed them for many of Germany's problems and thought they were evil. Later on he became the leader of Germany, many Jews emigrated from Germany out of fear.

The father of Anne (Otto Frank) decided his family should leave too. In 1934 they migrated to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. At that time Anne was 4 years old when they moved Anne began to speak Dutch and the family felt safe.

Hitler Attacks

In 1939 Germany invaded Poland, Hitler and his Nazi army had began world war 2. Hitler had already taken over Austria. Otto became worried that Germany would invade the Netherlands as well. Soon to know his fear came alive on may 10 1040 Germany attacked the Netherlands, Anne and her family had no time to escape. At this time thing became worse Jews were not allowed to have businesses, jobs and human rights were taken away.

Now the storey begins Anne's 13th birthday came up, she was given a red journal \ diary. Next things became more horrific in their town, All Jews were taken to concentration camps to be killed, they were told that they had to attend ‘’labour camp’’. One day the family was sent a letter in the mail saying they had to attend labour camp. Otto disagreed there was no way he was going to send his family to die. This is when the idea of a hiding spot was agreed to, the family packed up and moved to the hiding spot which is located at mr franks workplace behind a bookshelf. The place had a kitchen, bathroom and 2 rooms 1 for the daughters and 1 for the parents. The hiding spot is now called the secret annex.

The annex was a of course boring, the only thing that entertained Anne was her journal. She wrote many things in her journal like her feelings, how bored she was and her confusion to why she was hiding and Ect. While they hid they had to whisper and be extra careful because if any German heard they were going to be instantly arrested and sent to die. Soon 3 more families moved into the Annex. Everybody was cramped up in the hiding spot.

secret annex

This is the end

The journal gets published

2 years later Anne and her family heard the was coming to an end and Germany was loosing . However it was too late someone had already informed the Germans about the secret Annex, all the families were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Anne , her mother and sister were killed the only survivors were Otto and Anne's famous journey.

After Otto returned to their home after the war ended and published Anne's journal, which is now available to read. Also the familys secret Annex is a museum and everybody can visit it .