4HA Weekly News

7th February 2014

Dear parents,

After an enjoyable Lunar New Year break, we had a very productive week in 4HA last week. One of the highlights of our week was meeting with Ms. Moon, who will be directing the 4th grade play this year. The children were very excited to hear more about the play, and even had the opportunity to take part in some short drama activities. All of the children borrowed a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth, the book that the play is based on. They may read it at their leisure, and I am sure that reading it will give them a great feel for the characters and plot. We will be meeting with Ms. Moon again several times over the next few weeks for some workshop activities, and she will help the children to prepare for auditions.

We also really enjoyed visiting the miniature horses with our buddy class on Friday. Thanks to the parents who came along and took pictures!

Our Studies

Social Studies - The Toy Fair

The children have been working hard on their Social Studies projects, and all of the Toy Company groups made good progress last week. The toys are almost all finished, and the we worked with Ms. Carpenter on Google presentations that the children will use at the Toy Fair. Working on these presentations has been an excellent way for children to meet standards in Social Studies and Language Arts with the meaningful integration of technology in context.

Friday 14th February will see the culmination of our Social Studies Toy Company unit, at the 4th grade Toy Fair! We have invited 3rd and 5th grade classes to visit the Toy Fair. It will begin at 12.30 in the Elementary School veranda. Parents are welcome to come along and see our work, but do not need to assist in any way, as the event should be completely managed by the students. If you are unable to attend, we will be taking lots of photos and videos of the event, and your child will be able to demonstrate his/her presentation to you at home!

Language Arts

Last week, much of our Language Arts time was spent preparing presentations for our Social Studies Toy Fair. The standards that we are focusing on through this include organization and focus for writing, and the following speaking and listening objectives:

4.7.5 Present effective introductions and conclusions that guide and inform the listener’s understanding of important ideas and details.

4.7.6 Use logical structures for conveying information

4.7.7 Emphasize points in ways that help the listener or viewer follow important ideas and concepts.

4.7.9 Engage the audience with appropriate words, facial expressions, and gestures.

4.7.12 Make informational presentations that:

-focus on one main topic.

-include facts and details that help listeners focus.

Next week, we will continue to work on these objectives as we prepare to present on Friday.

In reading, we read informational texts about Egyptian mummies last week. The children worked in pairs to highlight main ideas in these texts, after which they completed a chart showing that they could find supporting details for these main ideas. The children used dictionaries to find more than one meaning for a selection of words, and then decided which meaning fit with the author's purpose.

Next week, we will continue to read non-fiction texts, focusing on ancient history. The children will complete reading comprehension exercises, as well as work to develop their understanding of different forms of the adjectives 'good' and 'bad'.


In Math last week, we found the mean and the median of various data sets. The children showed that they understand how to find each of these, and they began a practical activity in which they took measurements for each of their class mates and compiled a table of results. Their next task will be to find the mean and the median of the data set they created. Next week, we will also study the mode, and learn how to find it for a set of data. We will discuss appropriate times to either the mean, median or mode and examine data sets that highlight some of the benefits and limitations of each.

Enrichment activities for our current unit can be found on the 'Resources' page on our class Haiku site. It is not compulsory for children to complete the enrichment activities, but they will help them to consolidate their understanding of the concepts we are discussing in class. You can also find the enrichment activities for previous chapters on the same resources page.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! In 4th grade, we don't actually have a Valentine's Day party, but some students enjoy exchanging Valentine cards on that day. Please know that your child doesn't have to participate in a card exchange if he/she doesn't want to. There is no pressure, at all, to do this! However, if your child would like to exchange cards, please make sure that he/she has a card for each member of our class. This will prevent any hurt feelings that may occur.

The children in our class are:



Andrew. E


Andrew. H










Linh Dan





The children will be able to deliver their cards on the morning of February 14th.


- February 13th will be school photo make up day. If your child was absent for school photos/joined the school in January/wishes to re-take a photo, this will be done on Thursday. If you were not satisfied with the original photo and wish to re-take a photo, your child must bring the original photo package (complete with all photos) back to school to give to the photographer, in order to have the photo retaken.

-Our Haiku site is up and running. Alan Hoskin, from Ed Tech, has sent out emails with information about how to access this. Please let me know if you did not receive his emails, or if you are unsure about how to log on to Haiku.

- February 14th is Valentine's Day (see above) AND our 4th grade Toy Fair (see above). It will be an amazing end to the week!

Prince George Award

Anna was our Prince George Award winner this week. She tried really hard to focus on her work all week and I was impressed by her attitude to learning and determination to complete her work. She also worked very effectively in her Toy Company group. Well done Anna!