Humanities Biology Update

What's been going on in class...November 10, 2015 Edition

What We've Been Up To...

Since the 2nd 9 weeks began, we've been finishing up our last segment of Ecology which looks at populations and human impacts on the environment. We finished up populations last week and began our look at Human Impacts. We should wrap up all of this this week.


Students should have completed all their research for their scored discussion on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Nonetheless, I am still missing material from several students. Please help me herd the last few stragglers toward the barn...Grades are posted on parentvue/studentvue. If there is no grade, then that means I have not received their work...unless they just turned it in today. Not only are these research components worth a lot of points, but not completing them will severely affect how well they can do on the discussion itself, which is a summative grade. IF your student needs help, please let me know what I can do.

Important Dates: Ecology "Part 2" Test - Wednesday 11/18; ANWR Scored Discussion - Friday 11/20