Week 6 - September 28 - October 2

French IV - YL - Section 1 - Fall 2015

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Semaine Numéro Six

Welcome back for Week 6! This week students will continue working in Unit 2: La Réalisation, perfecting the use of the subjunctive mood and learning about the first king of France, Clovis. Assignments due this Friday, October 2 include:

1. La Réalisation 2A, Devoir

2. La Réalisation 2B, Devoir Oral
3. La Réalisation Quiz Section 2

There will be a progress report on Tuesday, September 29. It will be available to schools in registration on Thursday, October 1. Parents, please inquire at your child's school about progress report distribution.

Alternate textbook links:

Les Gens:

La Réalisation:

Les Vestiges Romains

Required Live Classroom Sessions

As a part of the requirements of the course, students are expected to attend live sessions with the instructor (1 session/unit). The dates/times of live sessions will be provided in this section of the newsletter each week. No sessions are currently scheduled for this week. The instructor will communicate with students in course announcements should there be any change.

To access the live classroom, students should click the link in Blackboard titled "Live Classroom French 4." It is suggested that for the first time they arrive approximately 15 minutes early to ensure that they are able to enter the chat room and check the functionality of all tools. Students should log in with both their first and last names, or if attending by teleconference, they should identify themselves to the instructor upon entry.
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In addition to the live classroom sessions provided for each content unit, the NCVPS foreign language department also offers supplemental cultural presentations in the Culture Café. Students from all foreign language courses are invited to attend any and all sessions to learn more about different cultures around the world. As an incentive to attend, students are awarded extra credit for their participation. Read below for more details:

Participating in the Culture Café & Completing the Assignment:

During each Culture Café session, you'll join many other students in the "virtual classroom" to learn and share with each other and the teacher. The teacher will have a formal PowerPoint presentation and go over the specified cultural presentation. You need to take notes, as you will have to include a copy of your notes (that has your name and the date). (You can take notes by typing on a computer during the session and uploading the document to the specific assignment page OR you can hand write your notes, take a pic of them and upload to the specific assignment page.)

After attending each Culture Café session, you need to answer the following questions (with your notes accounting for #3):

  1. What date did you attend?
  2. What was the topic?
  3. Who was/were the presenter/s (first and last name/s)?
  4. What did you cover/learn? (You should include the copy of your notes that has at least 10 things learned. SCREEN SHOTS ARE NOT NOTES!!!)
  5. Complete a 5 sentence reflection on the Central Theme given by the teacher at the end of the Culture Café Presentation. Submissions without this will not be counted.

Students can access both the Culture Café calendar of events and the classroom through the link in the course. The classroom has also been linked to the title above. There are two sessions scheduled for this week:

* Tuesday, September 29 - Latin: Roman Names @ 5pm.

* Wednesday, September 30 - French: Paris, France @ 4:15pm.

* Wednesday, September 30 - Japanese: The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens @ 7pm.

Each session should last approximately one hour.

The Instructor

Mme Karen Miller is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She began her career in 2009 at a classical school in Fayetteville, NC teaching French levels I-IV. She currently teaches French I and IV with NCVPS, and for the Fall teaches French I at a local high school. She has two children, a stepdaughter, Madison (9) and a son, Aiden (3). She lives with her husband, children and dog, Ella (also 9) in Raeford, NC.