Elm Class Update

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The Planet Earth by the Elm Class

This week first graders completed a collaborative mural of a nature scene. Each student individually created an object they have seen in a nature. The class then chose a background setting and added their creations to the collage.

Their work is now hanging in the main office next to Todd's desk. Please stop by to see it in person when you visit Compass.

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Math Games

You will find new math games in your child's folder this week. We played the game Compare and Compare Dots in class.

We hope that you enjoy playing these games at home to support your child's understanding of greater than and less than .

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Guided Literacy

First Graders are building their literacy skills during small group, partner, and independent reading each day.

This week, we practiced being word detectives in order to solve words.

Readers monitor themselves as they read. We correct our mistakes and reread to make sure we understand a text. First graders are also working on this skill.

When students came upon a word they did not know, they ask themselves:

  • Does that sound right? (Do the sounds match the letters in the word)
  • Does that look right? (Does the word look like the word that you read)
  • Does that make sense? (Does what you read make sense in this story)

We also look for clues in the pictures and parts of words that we know.

When reading with your child, model asking them these questions when you come to a tricky word. Celebrate when they check themselves on their own!

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We Love Community Gathering!

Please join the Compass Community for our Wednesday morning gathering. We sing and dance together in the gym from 8:15-9:00 each week.
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Help Care for the Elm Class

Our classroom plants will need love and care over the winter break. If you are interested, you can adopt a plant and offer it water and care.

Please get in touch and we can let you know what each plan needs.

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First Grade Still Needs Sand and Rocks

Does your child love to collect rocks? We need small rocks for an upcoming class project. If you want to collect a few please bring them into class.

First graders will get to see how they help a living system grow!