This Is How We Lakeview

November 2021 Edition: Volume 2

We will not be sending a paper copy of your student's report card home. You should have received an email copy yesterday. Please let Mrs. Hanagan know if you did not receive the email. You can always download the report card from Infinite Campus as well.

Thanks to Kona Ice for coming in and giving our students a fun opportunity at lunch. They did so much business that they ran out of ice and had to restock! Shout out to Kona Ice for donating coupons for all of our Lakeview Values nominees from Trimester 1!

Rachael Hanagan


Winter Athletics Reminders

Participation Fee: First payment is due Friday, November 19th.
Final Forms: All student-athletes must be green in Final Forms by Friday, November 19th.

The Mobile Dentist is coming November 19th!!!!

Good news! The Ohio Dental Outreach will be at our school on November 19th. A form will go home with your student soon or you can fill it out online at If you have any questions please email the school nurse (

Holiday Assistance

Pickerington Schools are once again teaming up with the Violet Township Fire Department to help provide some holiday assistance for families in need during this holiday season.

In need of assistance?

Request an online form for holiday assistance by contacting our school counselors at or or call (614)830-2200. The request link will then be provided to you, only one per household please. This form is handled in a confidential manner with more details from your school counselor. Please remember that we will only be able to supplement your holiday. The online form must be completed by Friday, November 20th.

Wanting to help out with Holiday Assistance?

Wanting to donate?

There are several ways to donate this year:

  • The traditional big red boxes throughout the community and in the schools accepting donations of new toys/gifts.

  • Gift cards are also appreciated.

  • Cash donations through Paypal.

  • Another way of donating this year is through Amazon and Target. If you would prefer to donate in this way, click on the links below. Be sure to ship to Violet Township Fire Department Toy Drive (address will appear as an option).

ALL Donations need to be received by December 10th!

The Community Corner

Recent Updates

  • During our Social Justice sub-group (PBIS) meeting on Thursday, we discussed what academic supports we can begin to put in place for those students most in need. In the coming weeks and months, our goal is to partner more with families to understand what they need and how we can help.
  • If any families/community members are aware of or work with any programs that could possibly provide additional outside-of-school academic support, please email Ben Baptist (; we are compiling a list of what is available as we plan our next steps.
  • Has your student done something awesome or noteworthy? Do you want to celebrate them and their accomplishments? In future Community Corners, we hope to highlight more of our students through the Student Spotlight feature. We have updated the Family Feedback Form to include an area where you can share the details that you want to highlight about your student. Check it out!

Updates from the Family Feedback Form

  • First, we received several pieces of feedback last week, and we are grateful that families are taking the time to send in their ideas and concerns.
  • One comment came to us regarding hallways and behaviors as students are transitioning between classes. This is a common discussion during staff PBIS meetings, and our goal is always to have staff in the hallways during transitions to help address behavior. The idea in the feedback was early release as a reward for positive behaviors; this will be brought up during the next staff PBIS meeting.
  • Another comment was regarding the possibility of more electives and exploratory classes. We are looking at adding more elective options and looking at our current bell schedule to possibly add more opportunities for elective courses. We will be presenting these ideas to the Board of Education in December.
  • A final concern was about helping students with social experiences to help them develop into positive contributors to society. This is one of our ultimate goals! As a school, we definitely want our students to succeed academically, but overall, we want our students to develop into productive citizens who help others. Related to this, we continue to look at the most effective ways to address behavior and to help students reflect on their individual responsibilities.

Student Spotlight

  • Keegan Resseguie’s family wanted to commend him for his hard work during the first trimester to balance challenging courses and his football schedule. They are proud of his determination and that he never gives up despite setbacks.

  • Lauren Leasor will be competing in the Mid-America Oireachtas Irish Dance Championships in the coming weeks. Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat, Lauren

The Lakeview Family Feedback Form

This form will be linked in each Community Corner update, allowing families to offer feedback to the counseling and administrative team regarding social justice, mental health, academic support, friendships/relationships, etc. Counselors and administrators will review the feedback on a weekly basis and send out any updates to concerns/questions in the next Community Corner update.
Lakeview Family Feedback Form

Click the button if you would like to give the counseling and administrative team feedback.

Lakeview Important Dates Flyer

FYI, there is a change of information on the Lakeview Important Dates flyer. We originally had conferences on October 12th listed as 11:00 am - 7:00 pm, the actual times will be 7:00 am - 7:00 pm.

2021-2022 School Year Calendar

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