Open House Smore!

🌎By: Sunaya Patel🌎

Earthquakes PBL

The driving of this project was : How can we as structural engineers create a two story house for Tony Stark that can withstand seismic activity. I really enjoyed this project project because it was really fun to build and design.

30 Hands Project

This project was made to explain global warming and climate change. We used pic collage and thirty hands to create a video that answers any of your questions. Unfortunately, I am unable to show you wpthe video, but here are the pictures.

Invention Convention

The point of this project was to create an invention or inovation that solves a global problem, and is completely made out of trash. Our inovation was a bike that charges your phone from the motion of pedaling and from solar panels. Our inovation helps solve pollution because it stops people from burning fossil fuels by plugging your phone into a wall. Instead you can charge any device by getting an exercise around the neighborhood.

Extra Credit

My favorite unit that we learned this year was weathering, erosion, and deposition. I really enjoyed learning about how the world moves material all by itself. My favorite lab was the skittles lab and creating the rivers run model.
Big image

This was the Rivers Run model

Big image

This was the Skittles lab