Women's fashion in the 1920's

By- Makenzi Mauldin

Women's fashion is typically elaborate:

In exquisite lame and beaded chiffon fabrics. Most formal is a floor length dress, but more common is a low cut cocktail dress. Backless dresses were very popular in the 1920's, backless dresses sometimes included long strings of beads cast over the shoulder or back. Shoes of that time period tended to have pointed toes, and some sort of strap, usually a T strap across the top of the foot and a thick heel. Accessories included jewelry, handbags, cigarette cases, and scarfs.

1920's hair and hats

What about hair and hats in the 1920's?

1920's hairstyles for women included straight bobbed hair, cut a bit shorter than shoulder length and often has deep horizontal waves. This style was later replaced with extremely short hair with one slicked down single cut. Featured with a single curl pulled forward from each ear onto the cheek and which was totally hidden. 1920 hats were a necessity for daytime wear. The most common hat was the cloche made out of felt, the cloche might be decorated by a small jeweled pin at the side or front or by a wide ribbon that was wrapped around the cloche hat.