Web safety

stay safe while your online

Follow these steps to stay safe online .

Secure wireless

You need to have a secure wireless so that no one else can use it and the cant put viruses on you computors ect.

You need to set a safe password to it that only you and others that you want to use it know.

Strong passwords

You need to have a strong password something that people wont guess. Dont use your name or date of birth ect.

Bluetooth saftey

Iou need to have a strong password so people cant get on it without your permisson . If they did get on they could even text and call on your phone. you also only connect with people you know.


If you buy something on a website you have to make sure that this sign is on the website. other wise it could be fake and take you personal details .

Scareware survival

Scareware is were a pop up comes up and says for example you have a virus and you need to download some sofware to get it of . its normally a scam and will take you personal details ect. Just delete the pop up if you get one.

Dont talk to people you dont know

If you talk to people you dont no they could be completly differnt to what they say they are they could be older even a differnt gender. Dont accept people you dont no !