February 2013 Newsletter

Principal's Message

As we move into the second half of the school year, we want to focus our attention on helping others. Most people think this means giving items to those in need, and they are correct. The type of help I am talking about has to do with stopping incidents of bullying!

Our counselors, teachers, and all adults here at Groveland have been discussing ways in which we can empower everyone to make a difference. Bullying comes in many forms such as teasing, physical bullying, cyber-bullying, and exclusion. We are one community and we need to continue to find a way to pick each other up instead of knocking others down.

We ask you to continue to speak to your son/daughter about bullying and what they can do when they witness or experience it. Just remember... a bully is only a bully if he/she is given the power. Let's work with our children to find the strength to take that power away so everyone can feel valued.

Dave Heineman

Random Acts of Kindness Week: February 14th - 22nd

  • Our theme this year is "Color Your World with Kindness"
  • More information from our guidance counselors will be sent home soon!

From the Dean, Mrs. Fantaskey

We hope this newsletter finds you staying warm and healthy during these winter months. Its surely has been a rough one for many viruses this year! Hopefully the recent cold temperatures will help to banish those germs! On the bright side, for those that pay attention to the groundhog's prediction, we are supposed to be in for an early spring! Let's see if that prediction holds true.

Thank you to our school community for your patience as we transition to the online version of our school newsletter. We have worked together to keep the many of the important components of our traditional paper "Paw Print" in this new online version. Newsletters will be "published" at the beginning of each month using this format.

Our Great Grizzlies have been very busy since the winter break! Our 6th grade students have started the 6th grade assessment process. A few classes have already completed the assessment, and the other homerooms will complete the assessment over the next several weeks. This is a chance for the children to bring together all of the skills they have learned over the years in elementary school. The students have worked very hard and produced high quality assessment products.

A special shout-out to our 3rd and 6th grade students for two outstanding performances during this year's first Celebration of the Arts. The soloists, readers, and all singers provided all of us with a great night of entertainment. Special thanks to the parents, special guests, teachers and staff who attended, as well as to Mr. Reilly and Mrs. Telly for providing the children the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Something New & Exciting

The Groveland Peace Team

This year our 6th Grade Ambassadors are taking on some new responsibilities. Working under the direction of Mrs. Sleicher, many of our ambassadors have been trained in "Peer Mediation" and are now part of the All-New Groveland Peace Team. The Peace Team works with students who are having a conflict to help them come to a peaceful resolution. Members of the Peace Team are visiting all of our classrooms to introduce the concept to our students. If you would like to have more information about Groveland's Peace Team, please contact Mrs. Sleicher.

Bus Driver Appreciation Day - February 15, 2013

We will be honoring our wonderful bus drivers on Friday, February 15, 2013. Students are welcome to bring cards or small tokens of appreciation for their bus drivers from now until February 15th. Baskets for each bus or van driver are located in the main lobby of the school. The bus drivers will be presented with the gift baskets on Friday, February 15th.

Cafeteria News Update


We would like to remind everyone that one of the main keys to a child's success is eating breakfast everyday. There are days when things are a bit hectic trying to get everyone out of the house and sometimes you may skip breakfast. We have a cure for that!!! Please remember that every child has the opportunity to purchase breakfast at Groveland Elementary School. When children enter the building, they simply walk to the cafeteria and purchase breakfast. Once they receive their meal, they can either eat in the cafeteria or take it with them to eat in class.

No child should miss breakfast because they do not have time, so please take advantage of the opportunity we provide to make sure that your child has a healthy meal to start his/her day!

Attached you will find a link for the February breakfast menu.

Student Scoop, Student Recognition, Library Dedications, Classroom Activities, & Healthy Recipes

Please follow the link below to read the news articles about Groveland events written by our talented 6th Grade Student Scoop Journalists. This month our featured journalists are Luke Nitschke and Alex King. In addition, included in this link are some of our traditional "Paw Print" favorites: Student Recognition, Classroom Activities, Library Dedications & Healthy Recipes.

Great Grizzly 5k Registration

On your mark...Get set...Go!

Come out to support our GHSA and the Great Grizzly 5k on March 10, 2013. Students are encouraged to participate in the "Finish Before Fantaskey" contest. Mrs. Fantaskey is predicting that there will be PLENTY of winners in this contest!

Race information can be found on the GHSA website. Click on the link below for the registration form.

Dates to Remember

PSSA Dates for Groveland Elementary School

  • PSSA Grade 5 Writing Assessment - March 11-14, 2013
  • PSSA Grades 3-6 Reading & Math Assessment - April 8-15, 2013
  • PSSA Grade 4 Science Assessment - April 22 & 23, 2013

Attendance is very important on these dates. Please refrain from scheduling days off for your children during the PSSA windows. We appreciate your efforts to make sure your children are well-rested and have a healthy breakfast each day.

Groveland Elementary School

David A. Heineman - Principal -

Kathleen D. Fantaskey - Dean of Students -