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Why Tackk? is a web creation platform that allows individual users to create and publish custom web pages called "tackks". It is also a social media community where users can subscribe and share their tackkboards with other users. Additionally, comments can be enabled to allow students to engage in online discussion of a is a free, cloud based site that allows students and teachers to create individual tackks. Tackk can be used with or without registration (there are benefits to registration, such as custom urls and prolonged tackk access). It can also be easily shared with other media sites like Edmodo, Facebook and Twitter. Tackk is also linked with Google (which means teachers and students can simply login with their Google accounts).

20 Ways to Use Tackk in the Classroom

  • Lesson planning
  • Persuasive writing
  • Collaborative projects
  • Presentations to students/districts/teachers
  • Parent communication
  • Class photo memories
  • Embed to blog or LMS
  • Peer critiques/feedback
  • Skype classroom collaboration
  • Student ePortfolios
  • Tablet collaboration
  • Tutor communication
  • Video/audio display
  • Event promo + RSVPs
  • Research organization
  • School/class newsletters
  • STEM problem solutions
  • Essays and book reports
  • School announcements
  • With other edu apps
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Create a survey using Google Forms

You can plan events, make a survey or poll, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way with Google Forms. You can create a form from Google Drive or from an existing spreadsheet that can record the responses to your form.

  1. Go to
  2. In the bottom right, click the plus button +.
  3. A new form will automatically open.

In the form template, you can add any questions you want. You can also organize your form by adding headers and dividing your form into several pages. Learn more about editing your form.

Note: You can also create a form in Google Drive by going to and clicking New > More > Google Forms.

Create a form from a spreadsheet in Google Sheets

To poll, survey, quiz, or otherwise collect information using a form from a spreadsheet in Google Sheets:

  1. While working with a spreadsheet, click the Insert menu > Form.
  2. A message will display at the top of the page notifying you that a new form has been created.
  3. To begin editing your form, click Add questions here in the message. Or, to get rid of this message and continue editing your spreadsheet, click Dismiss.
    • Note: If you dismiss this message, you can edit your form at any time by selecting the Form menu > Edit form.
  4. A new form will automatically be created. A new tab will appear at the bottom of your spreadsheet labeled “Form responses,” where all responses to your form will be added.

After you’ve created your form, you can add and edit questions, headers, and page breaks. You can also choose how to collect responses to your form.

Tips for Encouraging Teacher Technology Use

* Get support from the top. If your superintendent does not support the push to use technology, and does not use technology himself or herself, it is a hard sell to other employees.

* Make sure you are pushing the district vision and not your own personal agenda.

* Principals need to use technology and support their teachers with extra staff development if necessary.

* Expect bumps in the road. Some things you expect to be a huge success at getting teachers hooked, end up flopping.

* Provide some sort of incentives.

* Show them how it will save time. If the savings won't be apparent for a year, be honest about that. Putting assignments into a grade book program is extra work, but if those assignments can be saved and used next year, it will be a time saver.

* Remember, most teachers are very busy; they're already juggling many tasks. Try to make things as easy as possible, and provide them with time to learn the technology before expecting them to use it. - See more at: