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Terrific TWOS!

Weekly Newsletter


Monthly Theme: FARM: animals, food, apples

Nursery Rhyme: Little Boy Blue

Color: Blue

Shape: Circle

Number: 2

All Year Math Skills: sorting, matching, 1:1 correspondence, graphs, simple patterns

What to Send Daily:

  • Labeled snack
  • Labeled lunch box with an included note if there is anything we need to know regarding eating/food
  • Labeled sippy cup
  • Bag/ Back Pack with a change of clothes
  • Daily Folders

What Is Happening This Week?

All About Apples!

Last week, our class learned all about apples as we read about a hedgehog that got an apple stuck on its back, a dog that wanted apple juice with his donuts, and all about how apples grow and end up in the markets! We also measured how many apples tall we are, experimented with whether apples float or sink, participated in an apple taste test, created some great apple tree crafts, and more!

This week, the apple fun will continue as we explore apples and worms, the various foods you can make from apples, and much more! Expect some fun art and science projects and be sure to ask your little one what his/her favorite part was!

Next week begins our exploration into FALL: scarecrows, pumpkins, and leaves!

September Suggestion: take a family trip to the farm or go apple picking sometime soon!

Some Highlights From Last Week!


Let's partner together and connect school with continued support at home.

Folders- Monthly calendar, daily sheets and crafts will be sent home in your child's folder. Take some time to go through the work with your child and talk to them about each piece. This will help you get an idea of what they are learning each week.

Folders will go home everyday. Please use the calendar (which will be in the clear panel on the back) to ask your child a question regarding activities from the day.

Tentative class schedule:

*Subject to change*


8:30-9:00 Centers

9:00-9:30 Circle Time/ Snack

9:30-10:00 Learning and Creative Stations (color, shape, nursery rhyme, bible)

10:00-10:15 Diapers/ Potty

10:15-10:45 Playground

10:45-11:00 Story Time

11:00-11:30 Music (in class or as a Specials Class on Wednesday)

11:30-11:45 Bible Time (Mon & Wed) -- Bible Assembly (Tuesday)

11:45-12:15 Lunch (Diaper check)

12:15-12:45 Science

12:45-1:15 Games/Sensory -- Spanish (Wednesday)

1:15-1:30 Diapers/Potty

1:30 Pick-up

**THURSDAYS we combine with Miss.Kiki's room (# 111) and follow her class schedule**

Thing 2 Team

Ms. Danielle (Mon-Tues-Wed)


Ms. Erin (Mon-Tues-Wed)


Ms. Morgan