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November 2021

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Parent/Teacher Conference Information:

Media Alert

It has come to our attention that students in our district have been viewing episodes or scenes from the series "Squid Game" on Netflix. Children are able to view this content on Netflix, YouTube, TikTok and through Roblox and Minecraft games. The rating of this series is TV-MA and includes sex, violence and suicide. This series features disturbing scenes of brutal violence and death while in the form of carrying out innocent children's games such as "Red Light, Green Light".

With the popularity of this show, we have had students in our district, even in our youngest grades, sharing explicit details with peers and, at times, re-enacting these "children's games" on the playground.

We realize some families may be unaware that their child can view this material, or even excerpts from the show, through multiple avenues of social media. Please know there is the ability to adjust parental control on your child's devices. In addition, child profiles can be set up on streaming sites in order to prevent inappropriate content from being streamed. Closely monitoring your child's technology use and sites such as YouTube, TikTok and even Roblox/Minecraft can also be helpful.

Special Thanks to the PTO!

The Scholastic Book Fair was a HUGE hit; The students (and staff!) truly loved getting "BOOed"; And our Trunk or Treat was so much fun! These were just some of the activities provided to us by our wonderful PTO and we simply would not be able to do them without the time & support of all the members ~


Please consider joining the WFS PTO so the festivities can continue!

If you are a new member, please create an account and then, purchase your membership for the 2021-2022 school year to be able to receive text and email alerts, exclusive access to our Paperless PTO App and more!

If you are a returning member, you do NOT need to create an account. Just login and renew your membership for the 2021-2022 school year.

Health News

The health of our students is a TOP priority!

Please contact Michelle DeVito, WFS School Nurse, for the following reasons:

1. Your child is considered a close contact of a COVID+ individual.

2. Your child are awaiting COVID test results.

3. Your child has tested positive for COVID.

4. Your child is experiencing symptoms of illness. Monitor for symptoms based on the following guidelines:

  • ONE of the following: cough, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, or new loss of taste or smell
  • OR TWO of the following: fever, shaking/chills, congestion/runny nose, sore throat, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, or headaches

If your child exhibits one of the first three symptoms or two of any symptom, a negative rapid test or pcr test would be required to come back to school and any siblings would need to remain home until test results are received. RAPID or PCR TEST RESULTS are accepted.

If you have any questions please contact Michelle DeVito, WFS School Nurse.

***If you are questioning your child's symptoms, as they may or may not relate to our guidelines, we ask that you keep your child home until you speak to our school nurse. Keeping all of our students and staff members healthy is very important to us.***

If a student must quarantine, it is considered an excused absence and they will continue to receive teacher support until the quarantine period has ended.



  • November 4 & 5: School is Closed
  • November 11: School is Closed
  • November 19, 22, 23, 24: Early Dismissal Days
  • November: 25 & 26: School is Closed

"Wear it" WFS Wednesday!

Wear your best WFS gear (or Blue) every Wednesday for "Wear it WFS Wednesday!"

Water Bottles

We encourage all students to bring extra water bottles to school. At this time, we are not utilizing our communal water fountains so bringing extra water bottles to school help make our students comfortable through snack time, lunch, recess, and physical education. Water bottles are not provided by the school. Thank you!

School Lunch

This year, all students are entitled to a free school lunch. A school lunch menu is available on our school and District website. Please note the following information:

1. Each student must receive a full lunch. Choosing only certain items is not permitted.

2. Only 1 lunch is served to each child.

3. If your child has a food allergy, we encourage you to carefully review the Sodexo online menu. If you have any questions regarding the items and/or ingredients please contact Sodexo before allowing your child to receive the lunch. We are currently NOT utilizing the PIN system which previously has alerted the Sodexo workers of individual student allergies.

It has been brought to our attention that there are times when the school lunch menu changes. Unfortunately, these changes are often due to supply and/ or delivery issues. We ask that you send your child to school with an extra healthy snack in the event they do not like or want to eat the new item(s) that may appear on the menu.

If you have any concerns or questions related to our school lunches, please contact Sodexo Food Services. Sodexo Food Director, Rocio Johnson can be reached at 732.462. 8400 x8870 or X8871

COVID-19 District Dashboard

The dashboard is updated every Friday afternoon.

Updated 10/5/21 Covid Exclusion Flowchart

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West Freehold School

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