WC Library News

First Nine Weeks

Starting the School Year Off Right

Our WC students have been busy in the library since the beginning of the school year! They've checked out many books, and visited with their classes. The library has been full of students before and after school, as well as during lunch. We've had the opportunity to offer orientations to all the English I classes, and welcomed all the English II classes for book check-outs.

We've hosted lots of classes for research assignments, registered for Google Accounts and Turn It In, and integrated technology into lessons and projects. If you're interested in collaborating on a lesson, please visit the Churchill Library Calendar to find a date to sign up HERE. Once you've found an available date, contact Charlotte at cgusta2@neisd or give us a call at 356-0004, and of course we'd love for you to come by in person!

Classes Visiting the Library in August, September, and October

Some of the projects, assignments, and research topics have included:

  • Pre-AP World History classses researching classical civilizations
  • All Junior English classes had their students check out books
  • Several classes registering for student Google Accounts and using Google Drive for assignments
  • Various classes registering for, and using, Turn It In--a website for collecting and grading papers, and for checking for plagiarism
  • ASL classes rearching databases for current events related to deaf issues
  • AP European History classes using databases for research on the Religious Wars of the 16th Century
  • Healthy Lifestyles classes researching mental disorders and using the information for creating posters
  • Senior English classes researching the college application process and the financial and academic requirements of colleges and universities
  • English I Pre-AP classes researching topics in the Victorian era
  • Latin classes working on Roman/Greek Mythology research
  • Spanish II classes researching family origins and facts about Spanish-speaking countries
  • Junior English classes using databases to research facts for persuasive essays
  • Evaluation and collection of websites by World Geography Pre-AP classes for Multiple Sclerosis research
  • Art I Pre-AP classes research artworks in preparation for their own creations based on the style of that artist
  • Senior GT English classes research philosphers

Like us!

NEISD's Library Services Facebook page featured our Churchill Library Welcome Page because of its high use by our students and classes! Please visit the page HERE and scroll down to October 25th---you can visit if you are logged in to Novell. Then be sure to "like" the post :)

Statistics for the First Nine Weeks of School

Number of Classes Served--250

Number of Individuals Served from Class--982

Number of Students Visiting During Lunch--4576

Number of Books Checked Out:








Display of books in support of our campus celebration of RED RIBBON WEEK

Need a Meeting Place?

Your WC library is available before and after school hours for your club, parent meetings, etc. We hosted the following events before or after school in August, September, and October:

  • Volleyball Parent Meeting

  • New Librarian Academy

  • New Principal's Meeting

  • Swim Parent Meeting

  • Book Club Meetings

  • UIL Academic Team Practice every Tuesday

  • GT Parent Meeting

  • Project Graduation Meeting

  • 21st Century Professional Development

  • District Flipped Classroom Cohort Professional Development

  • NHS Candidate Meeting

  • Yearbook photos for faculty and retakes for Seniors

  • European History Club Meeting

  • Girls Basketball Parent Meeting

  • Health Class Parent Meeting

  • Boys Basketball Parent Meeting

  • National Merit Breakfast

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Club Meeting

  • English Teachers Pull Out meeting

Thanks for your time

Thanks for reading about our library. We'll be back at the end of the semester with some more news and photos!