Dragon Roar: 11.17.19 Week 14

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The only difference between us and the saints is perseverance

Good evening, Dragons!

Today we celebrate our second to last Sunday before Advent begins.

Today's Gospel

Today, Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and warns his followers that persecution will come before the end time.

Luke 21:5-19

Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Family Connection

Jesus is assuring his followers that God is present to all believers, even in times of trouble. Ultimately, Jesus will witness to this with his own death. Deacon Jack today at St. Monica's 11AM Mass told us that in the past his homily on this Gospel was fire and brimstone but he has now evolved to urge us that signs have always been there---now is the time to acknowledge Jesus in every part of our lives, remember to pray in gratitude and strength and above, persevere with Christ in mind. He reminded us that the only difference between us and the Saints is that the Saints persevered until the end. Dragons, how do we model to our families to persevere, even in the roughest of times, with Christ central? You are in my prayers, Dragons. Enjoy the last of the weekend together as we spend one more week in school before break.


Ms. Salazar | Principal

Fall Fundraiser: Sell those Catholic Life Tickets!

This month, you will see on your accounts a $100 charge per family for the Catholic LIfe Tickets Fundraiser to be paid by Jan. 15, 2020. This is our one mandatory fundraiser each year. Please remember the actual cost to educate at St. Monica's is $5,900. Fundraising helps us keep our tuition at a lower rate currently paid.

This year, as noted in your registration packet, all families are asked to sell at least $100 worth of tickets (20 tickets at $5 each). You can, of course, sell even more and are encouraged to as 100% of the proceeds we make per ticket comes directly to us!

Your student came home with tickets. If you need more or they did not make it home, please Ms. Rosa know.

St. Monica Prizes for those that go above and beyond:

1) Number 1 top seller--Free Tuition for a Month and VIP Lunch Party with Classmates

2) Number 2 top seller--Free Enrollment Fees for 2020-2021 and Student gets to be Principal for the Day

3) Number 3 top seller--1/2 off Enrollment fees for 2020-2021 and Free Dress for a week

4) Number 4 top seller--Free Dress for a week

Catholic LIfe Prizes

1) One Grand Prize: A choice between a new Ford F-150, a new Ford Focus, or a $20,000 Prepaid VISA Credit Card (this is between ALL participating schools)

2) One prize per school: A $1,000 VIsa Prepaid Credit Card


1) Where do these tickets come from and why do we do this?

Catholic Life Raffle Tickets are a free fundraising opportunity provided to us through Catholic LIfe Insurance (they provide the grand prizes). Catholic Life provides prizes, printing, and promos. Started in 2007 as a way to help struggling Catholic Schools, the Catholic Schools Sweepstakes has raised more than $8 Million, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the schools. Over 60 schools participate all over Texas. Please remember the actual cost to educate at St. Monica's is $5,900. Fundraising helps us keep our tuition at a lower rate.

2) I don't have lots of family or a workplace that allows me to sell. How can I participate?

We will have sign ups to sell after Mass at St. Monica Parish every Sunday starting next week!

3) I don't believe in fundraising. Can I just buy the tickets myself?

Yes. All families will have a $100 automatically placed on their account (not per child, just for the family). You are more than welcome to just pay the fee.

4) What do I do with the money collected?

You may keep the money up to $100 or turn in and the credit will be applied to your account. Any money past $100 for additional tickets needs to be turned into St. Monica or the tickets will be charged to your account.

5) How long do I have to sell?

Until January 15

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Blue Mass: School Mass on THURSDAY, MASS DRESS

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 11am

515 North Street

Converse, TX

A reminder that we will be offering up gratitude for our first responders with a Blue Mass on Thursday. Please wear Mass uniform on Thursday. Friday will be a regular school day.

Please email Ms. Salazar at asalazar@saintmonica.net if you will be sending a family member to be blessed at Mass. Please send the name of honoree.

Tricks to Nurture A Love of Reading (Thanksgiving Break Ideas!)

31 Great Books Chosen by Kids for Kids

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Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday, Nov. 18th, 7am to Friday, Nov. 22nd, 6pm

515 North Street

Converse, TX

Week at a Glance

Congrats to Angelic, Annette and Alli!! $5,000 Grant Seed Funding Awarded for Weight Room Proposal

Join me in congratulating our San Antonio Mayor's Fitness council team for their yearlong process in grant writing and application. The team was awarded $5,000 in seed money to start a weight room. The team now will develop a plan to raise money for the rest of the proposal ($5,000) and start changing up our classrooms in the annex to support. If you would like to help, please email asalazar@saintmonica.net ASAP!
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Congrats to our Spanish Club Officers!

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Heading your Way

Fall Semester Events: See Website for More Details and Downloadable Calendar

November: Gratitude Month

11-20-19 Q2 Progress Report Cards Sent Home

11-21-19 Gratitude Lunch with Fire Department and Police Department

11-24-19 Parish Second Collection for SMCS

11-25-2019 to 11-29-2019 Thanksgiving Break

December: Advent

12-5-2019Santa Pictures, Free Dress

12-9 to 12-13: Middle School Midterm Reviews (Midterms to follow)

12-12-2019Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass and Celebration, 8:15AM

12-13-2019No School Mass, Last Day for Fall Clubs

12-14-2019High School Placement Test

12-17-2019Christmas Program, Church 5:15-6:15PM PK-2nd, 6:45-7:45PM 3rd-8th

Monday, December 16 Middle School Math Midterm

Tuesday, December 17 Middle School Religion & Science Midterms

Wednesday, December 18 Middle School ELA & Social Studies Midterms

12-19-2019School Mass, 8:15AM, Classroom Christmas Parties

12-20-2019No School, No School Mass, ASC Care Closed

12-20-2019No School

12-23 to Jan. 31Christmas Break

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What are ways I can get free dress?

  • Birthday (or half birthday if birth date falls during school holiday).
  • Taking a picture of yourself in St. Monica gear out in the city and emailing to Ms. Salazar. If you get featured in the Dragon Roar, you get free dress!
  • Attending school meetings (Parent Conferences, PTC, etc) and after school events.
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Uniform Cheat Sheet--Updated to Reflect Handbook

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  • Lunch Menu
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Ren Web: Parents Web

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