Local News Update

Crashed Landing Successful

Jet lands in local airport

After a small commercial jet left Denver International Airport saturday morning, both engines failed around Lincoln Nebraska. After dropping 8,000 feet they were able to travel 160 miles until flight control guided them to a safe landing at Defiance Memorial Airport in Ohio. All twenty five passengers survived without any major injuries. The pilot 42, Jacob O`Connor was called a hero after successfully landing the jet just before they were expected to crash. If the airport didn`t have any open landing spaces the jet would have landed in a field or crashed while trying to land. O`Connor says the only thing that he was thinking while trying to land the jet was not to let it crash. He knew there was a local airport near by but the only question was there any open landing spaces. He got in touch with the traffic controller and asked him to find out. When he found out there was empty landing spaces he safely landed the jet.