Pickerington Elementary

October 2, 2020

Pickerington Elementary

New this year: If you need to sign your child in or out of school, please use the QR code located on the front doors. All parents are expected to walk their child to and from the main entrance when signing a child in or out of school. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow parents in the building due to COVID unless it is an emergency.

Important Dates

October 12th-23rd: Panorama survey (3rd and 4th, see below)

October 15th: Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences (Evening)

October 20th: Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences (Kindergarten Only)

October 22nd: Picture Retakes (Cohort B) πŸ“ΈπŸ˜, Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences (Evening)

October 26th-30th: 3rd grade Ohio State Testing (OST)

October 27th: Picture Retakes (Cohort A)πŸ“ΈπŸ˜

November 3rd: Go Vote! -Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences (11 am - 7 pm)

Early Dismissal Protocol

If you are planning an early dismissal, please send in a signed note OR call the school office to let us know before coming to pick up your child. This will ensure your child is ready to go at the requested time.

Also, If you need to sign your child in or out of school, please use the QR code located on the front doors. All parents are expected to walk their child to and from the main entrance when signing a child in or out of school. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow parents in the building due to COVID unless it is an emergency.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming up!

They are scheduled for October 15th, 20th (Kdg. only), 22nd, and November 3rd. All parent/teacher conferences will be virtual this year through a Google Meet.

Cohort A and B - Letters will go home with Cohort B students today and Cohort A students on Monday, October 5, 2020. Please fill out the conference time request form and return it to your child's teacher. Note: Some teachers may have you sign up a different way, but they will contact you and let you know if they do.

VLA Parents - A copy of the letter is attached for you to view. The teacher will contact you with information on how to set up your virtual conference. A copy of the letters can be seen by clicking below. Please be sure you are looking at the correct letter.

Grades 1-4


Mrs. Horsford Coach's Update

Our students have finished taking the i-Ready Diagnostic Assessments for reading and math. Kudos to both our Hybrid and VLA students for all of their hard work. Each student has been assigned a personalized reading and math pathway for learning in i-Ready based on his or her performance.

Attached you will find the following links:

Once again, congrats to our students for all of their hard work and efforts! Thanks for all of your support!

Best ,

Mrs. Horsford

Ms. Stewart's Counselor Connection

Testing Information

Panorama Survey (Third AND Fourth Grade)

Between October 12th and 23rd, the school counselor will go into your 3rd and/or 4th-grade student's homeroom class to proctor a 30-minute Panorama Survey. VLA students will also be asked to complete this survey. This survey is offered district-wide to students 3rd through 12th grade. The survey will provide us with social and emotional learning (SEL) information. SEL is the process through which children and adults apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. These are skill sets that support college and career readiness and promote success in life.

*Please click on the attached documents to learn more about Panorama Survey and options to opt-out.



Ohio State Tests (Third Grade ONLY)

Co-Hort A 3rd-grade students will take the ELA OST test on Monday, October 26th, and Tuesday, October 27th. Co-Hort B students will take the ELA OST on Thursday, October 29th, and Friday, October 30th. VLA students will need to come into the building on Wednesday, October 28th to take both parts 1 and 2 of the ELA OST. We ask that you please be mindful of scheduling appointments around the testing window.

H.O.P.E Food Bags

Violet Baptist Church offers a Weekend Food Program. This program was created to help those families in need of meals for their children over the weekend. This is offered to our students for FREE. Each student in the house is eligible. Students will take their bags home on either Monday or Thursday, depending on which hybrid day they are here. If your student is VLA and would like to participate, you will pick up the bag(s) from the school on Thursday or Friday. Please reach out to Kendra Stewart, School Counselor by phone at 614-548-1431 or email at kendra_stewart@plsd.us in order to sign up.

Reusable Water Bottles Needed!

As we know things are very different this year as we continue to navigate the current pandemic. One of our top priorities is keeping our children hydrated throughout the day while avoiding exposure. Our water fountains have been turned off to avoid spreading germs. A water bottle filler has been installed in our building for students to use instead. However, some of our students do not have access to water bottles to keep with them throughout the school day. We are asking for donations of new reusable water bottles that can be given to students in need. If you are able and interested in donating, please have your student bring them to Ms. Stewart in the office. Thank you in advance!

Helpful Tips for Parents During These Stressful Times

Children learn how to respond to stress as they grow and develop. Many stressful events that an adult can manage will cause stress in a child. As a result, even small changes can impact a child's feelings of safety and security. You can help your child by learning to recognize the signs of stress and teaching your child healthy ways to deal with it. Click on the article link to learn more. https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002059.htm


Gear Up!

Support our PTO by purchasing your very own

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Sam's Pumpkin Patch:

Shop at Sams Pumpkin Patch October 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th and show your flyer with PICKERINGTON ELEMENTARY written in and Sams will donate a portion of your sale back to the school! Click on the file below to show them!

Happy Custodians Day!

Thank you Rita, Suzanne, and Chuck for keeping our building clean and our staff and students safe!

Custodian Day