Steinbeck's Legacy & Work

Steinbeck Country
Literary Markers Installed In Steinbeck Country

Steinbeck Country Project

You have learned about the impact Steinbeck has left on the world, and "Steinbeck Country" (which is VERY close to where we live). CLICK HERE to learn a bit more about him.

Now, choose one of the following options.

  • Use Google Earth to create a virtual field trip of key locations of Steinbeck Country (I believe you need the Google Earth download to do this)
  • Create a "newspaper" highlighting details of what someone should know when visiting Steinbeck country (including who Steinbeck was and points of interest to visit, why they should visit them as well).
  • Do you know someone who has visited Steinbeck country (might be easier to find someone than you think) interview them about their experience, and how aware they were of it even being "Steinbeck Country" ask them specifically if they have been to Cannery Row. Video your interview.

CLICK HERE to turn your project in.

We are reading half of "The Pearl" this week and half next week. Usually I give you a lot of reading "option" this time I want you to stick to online. We are reading this together. As you read you need to add comments to this document. These comments can be:
  • Questions
  • Observations
  • Statements that you like
  • Pointing out elements of literature that you recognize (irony, metaphor, symbol...)

Everything you post WILL BE SEEN by others in your class. Please make sure you are signed into your account so that it is easy for me to give you credit for your portion of work (I don't want to have to figure out who skate& is :) You should make at least 5 quality comments per week.

CLICK HERE for the document

Weekly Checklist