hillel salinas (steam hooves)

c.o.d. ghost

Call of duty is the best thiing since sliced bread.Sniping the enemy the enemy from high ledges,picking a new gun,and customising you're character are all perks of call of duty:ghost

the first time i saw ghost

The first time saw the game was when i was scrolling through the games on the game stop web site it looked so amazing the graphics were better than any game i ever player i got exited i said to my self i need to get that game

the story of ghost

when i finaly got it i was termbeling to put it in the disk slot when i did i rapidly put it in the slot and played it the graphics were amazing i was so exiting the story was 60 men went in to go save people at a hospital they were all killed exept for 15 they crawled among there fallen comrades when the time was right they crawled from the sand and used stealth to there advantage and when it was all over the enemys found ont of there own wandering aimlessly traumatised he could only describe them as super natural he called them ghost